Tuesday, November 26, 2013

waiting on the word of transfers....

good last week here in Esplanada! We´ve accomplished a lot of things here. This last week we taught a few families that will be getting married on the 13 of december. Two families are set to be married and baptized. This last week was kind of crazy as to the weather. It rained almost every night....i actually went to sleep COLD. yes, 80 degrees is cold for me! We were invited to participate in Belcheor´s wedding on saturday. he´s an RM that´s clyde´s age. He got marriage civily in the chapel of Angelim and will be heading to the temple in Recife today to be sealed. The sisters had a baptism fest there beforehand in the chapel. They baptized 7! pretty impressive. I hope that the boxes you guys sent get here before christmas! only 30 days away! i´m still waiting on the word of transfers, there were some changes. i´ll let you guys know asap

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Taking a Swim in the Font!

heyy yall! thanks for the pictures of snow and blizzards! makes me SO excited to return to the heat here in a few minutes! We had a good week this week! Fernanda was baptized on Saturday morning. I had the privilage to take a swim in the font 
she´s not very supported by her spouse, but she´s being a great example to her family and friends! she invited her neighbor to come as well to watch. it was one of the most spiritual baptisms of the mission. it was very reverent and the atmosphere was great! We had a service project this week as well at Ronaldo´s (RC). We had to break up the ground and dig it out to start building the foundation where he´ll add onto his house! The dirt here is SO TOUGH. Literally steel. I used my other shirt as a turban...the sun is so strong in the morning. Mauro and conceicao are progressing well and understanding the gospel quite well. we´ve given them a lot of materials to study. Next week is transfers...should be interesting. I´m way pumped for christmas and to see some old faces!
Elder Larsen

 Visiting a little boy that got beat up at school!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Holidays... in Brazil

hey yins! i´m alive still, i´m saying this because of fast sunday.. Fast sunday was so much easier at home. I didnt burn any energy there. Its a little bit different when its 115 degrees and humid.. So, there were 2 holidays this week.. lets just say that when there´s a holiday in Brasil, EVERYTHING shuts down! It was quite frustrating. I feel like i´m preaching to the lamanites sometimes. We had a baptism this week though! Rogéria was baptized on tuesday and confirmed on sunday. Elder Ribeiro baptized her (it was the same day as his birthday) and i confirmed her on sunday. We found 2 new families this week that are willing to get married and are receiving the discussions well. The first is Michel and Angelica who live one road from the church! They have a good income, she is a professor and he is a salesman. and they have 3 kiddos. The other is Mauro and Conceição. Mauro made a contact with us in the road one day so we went to visit him a few days later and to our suprise he had already read and filled out the whole pamphlet of theplan of salvation. They live in a little mud house, but have a good knowledge of the bible and doctrine. We had zone conf this week as well. It was focused on controlling stress and managing a missionary schedule. I used a few of clyde´s tactics on my companion this week (yes, it was funny). Thats about it for this week though,
Much love,
Elder Larsen