Monday, January 27, 2014


hello yall! all is well here in the attractive city of Altos. We started off our week well holding an FHE at an investigator´s house. So, Joanara recent convert, was supposed to invite investigators to her house for us to have the FHE there, but she did better inviting them to have it in their house. So the investigator is a city councilman!! he covers the health department. lets just say that he´s loaded and that we never wouldve gotten into their house just knocking the door. After the FHE, joanara sent us a text saying that they wanted us to come back and that they loved our presence. We went back another day and taught about the restoration. They believed in the first vision and everything. Honestly, its a family that could change the whole ward here. They couldnt go sunday because they were in teresina, but this sunday they´ll go. We didnt have a TON of investigators come to church this week. Everything went wrong with their plans. BUT, friday we will baptize Diná and Adriely! finally! Seriously, this week we had a few downpours! we went to buy groceries in the morning but when we were returning the sky let loose on us!! ive never been so soaked in my life! we´ve been discovering a lot of inactives and teaching them, but a lot want nothing to do with nothing. So we made a plan for this week just attack street by street. My superbowl score guess is....
Seattle 34, Denver 31
seu querido,
Elder Larsen


Friday, January 24, 2014

It's Crazy Hot!!!

hello hello!! We had a swell week here this week. It has been CRAZY hot though! We´ve been visiting inactives like crazy being that there are about 500 in our ward! Zone conference was really interesting. We talked about being testifying and challenging missionaries. President is really wanting us to be bolder than ever and to go after it. Our companionship had some of the best numbers of december. President told us that 30% of the missionaries are baptizing 70%! there were a few companionships that pitiful numbers. Their numbers for the month were weekly numbers for many! We are teaching an awesome couple right now, Antonia and Railma! Antonio is a member that was inactive for more than 5 years and Railma is not a member. We asked a member at lunch 2 weeks ago if there was anyone close by that we could visit and she referred them! We´ve been teaching them ever since. They went to church these last 2 sundays and are hitting it off quite well with the members. I grabbed all of their info yesterday so that we can marry them civilly! As soon as they are married, she will be baptized! 3rd couple that i´ll marry in the mission! Antonio is so excited about coming back to church and being an active member. Our FHEs at members´ houses are giving us a lot of success! We are also teaching a man, Cristino, who is a dad of a missionary of the ward. Hopefully we can baptize him before his son gets home! My companion is doing a lot better recently. He was way nervous the first week, but is starting to settle in. He never questions what i do though which is good. I´ve been teaching him a little of what i learned with every companion that i´ve had. I´m glad that i had a good trainer though and that he was patient with me. Hopefully we can get a few baptisms here in a bit! Thats about it for this week though, love yall!!
Elder Larsen

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's a BOY!!

heyyo! what a great week to end the transfer! we baptized beatriz and robson on friday! was a very spiritual meeting thanks to bishop. He´s such a great organizer and teaches a different doctrine every time that i go on divisions with him. I´ve never seen anyone who knows the scriptures so well. We had a cool new years here. We were given permission to stay with the members and play games with them in the chapel. We have an addiction to a game that we play all the time called, Who Am I. You have group in a circle where everyone writes a name of a person or being on a sticky note and folds it and passes it. Everyone gets someone else´s sticky note and sticks it on their forehead. You go around the circle one by one asking who you are through "yes or no" questions. its better the more nerdier people are because they put tough names like cleopatra or david guetta! 

In other news, being that today is transfer day, there were some changes... Elder Massa is off to São Luiz and i will stay in the area! I´m gonna be a dad! and its a boy! I´ll be training a newby, but i dont know who it is yet! I go to teresina tonight and i´ll have a few meetings tomorrow where i´ll pick him up. Should be a cool experience. I hope i know the area here well enough after just one transfer here!

Well, thats about the only news i have for this week!
Love you guys!
Elder Larsen