Monday, January 27, 2014


hello yall! all is well here in the attractive city of Altos. We started off our week well holding an FHE at an investigator´s house. So, Joanara recent convert, was supposed to invite investigators to her house for us to have the FHE there, but she did better inviting them to have it in their house. So the investigator is a city councilman!! he covers the health department. lets just say that he´s loaded and that we never wouldve gotten into their house just knocking the door. After the FHE, joanara sent us a text saying that they wanted us to come back and that they loved our presence. We went back another day and taught about the restoration. They believed in the first vision and everything. Honestly, its a family that could change the whole ward here. They couldnt go sunday because they were in teresina, but this sunday they´ll go. We didnt have a TON of investigators come to church this week. Everything went wrong with their plans. BUT, friday we will baptize Diná and Adriely! finally! Seriously, this week we had a few downpours! we went to buy groceries in the morning but when we were returning the sky let loose on us!! ive never been so soaked in my life! we´ve been discovering a lot of inactives and teaching them, but a lot want nothing to do with nothing. So we made a plan for this week just attack street by street. My superbowl score guess is....
Seattle 34, Denver 31
seu querido,
Elder Larsen


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