Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hunted all Week...

hello hello! well, this week was a killer! we worked like none other. We baptized Diná and her daughter, Adriely on friday! it was a great meeting. In the morning they werent so apt to be baptized but i said a prayer with my companion and we went early in the morning and suprised them. It was only of the most spiritual messages that i´ve ever given in the mission. i used 2 nephi 2, alma 32, and D&C 18. I felt the spirit saying every word that left my mouth. i didnt even have to ponder about what i was saying. they felt very confident about baptism after we left. We had tons of work to do this week, so we went on divisions with members several times this week. i love going with bishop, i learn a lot with him. i went with our ward mission leader, osmar, as well. We taught 2 families that we met at an FHE. One is a young family, Alex and Josiane, who have potential. They read everything we gave them and were pleading for us to visit them! Looks like we´ll finally be able to marry the one couple this week so that the wife can be baptized! The ward has to have 13 more men who are full tithe payers to split. We have a list of ex investigators and inactive to visit this week to reach this goal! 
So, Every day this week was crazy filled with work...but wednesday was quite extreme....We got hunted 3 times...
1.) we went walking down a road looking for inactives but couldnt find any,then out of nowhere, a little chihuahua looking creature called all of the dogs in the neighborhood to hunt us...2 seconds later there´s 40 ferocious canines after us!! not even kidding, we ran!! 
2.) we got to the end of the road, panting for breath and thirsty. so i knocked a door to ask a cup of water...who answers? the most gay human being on the planet....and he´s an inactive! he was like, "can i say something?" so i said,"feel free" and he was like, "sonny, you have got some BEAUTIFUL eyes there..." i was like, uhh....gotta go! before we left, we said...Hugs and kisses!
3.) we asked directions from 3 teenage girls but they didnt know where the road we start walking and we hear PSSSSIIIUUUU!!! and giggles! we look back and its them telling us to come back! then a little later the guys in the construction nearby tell us to go back so we go and we see them run behind the wall giggling loud as all get out! so we return to walking and out of nowhere a lady comes up asking if we are single and for our number! ....they sent their mother after us to hunt us down!! hahahaha ai ai...
well folks, thats all i got this week!
Elder Larsen

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