Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Time to Get Married....

hey guys! well, while its snowing there, its sure raining here! we got SOAKED 3 days this week. It was kind of a rough week of work with all of this flooding. Everyone goes nuts here when it rains...they think that they´re melting! Me and elder machado will stay another transfer together here which will bring us to april 1st! i think this will be my last one here. We´re doing better finding and teaching less actives. I love teaching less actives that feel the spirit in the lessons. Its even more rewarding when you see them the next sunday. We had a few come out who havent been to church in quite a few years. the promise of president is really working out well. He told us to divide our work between 50% investigators and 50% inactives. 
Altos, being a little town, i thought would be a place way easier to mark a marriage than Teresina! i was wrong. Finally, after 2 weeks we marked a date for Antonio and Railma! This will be my 3rd marriage in the mission. They´ll be getting married on march 19th, then railma will be baptized after!! It was funny, i told elder machado. "your first lesson in the mission resulted in a marriage, reactivation, baptism, AND....one more lunch appointment for future missionaries!" hahahah! We got some good stuff to do this transfer! The city is already preparing the square for Carnaval.....its gonna be crazy. There´s a forró artist named Zé Cantor that a member, Joanara, knows. She taught me some of his music hahaha! she wants me to meet him, singing one his songs! she said he´ll go nuts hearing an american singing his music! ahhaha! 2 sisters will be leaving our district, sister ramos and sister mckinney! There will be a short term sister coming that is from teresina and another sister who is 30ish! it will be all brasilians.....and me! hahahah! i wouldnt have it any other way. Its been over a year since i´ve lived with americans!! crazy! Good to hear about josh and his fiancé! Cant wait to keep my portuguese going afterwards!
Love yins!
Elder Larsen

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