Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Start of Carnaval....

hey yall!! a new transfer in Altos. We had some ups and downs this week. We had to let go of a few people in our teaching group. They are such good families and everything, but they dont want to progress anymore or come to church. I guess its just not their time yet. This week was a preparation for carnaval....it was sure hard teaching, being that nobody was home! We met a cool young man in the chapel on wednesday night named Ricardo, 18. He asked to see my book of mormon and starting flipping pages and asking questions like crazy! He´s such a chill guy, we hit it off really well. He´s a hardcore member of the assembly of God, but really humble to learn. We taught him again in the lanhouse where he works. He had a billion questions! i felt really good about what we taught him. We also found a less active lady, Edilieny, who is here from Sao Paulo for a little bit. We´re helping her become active, but not just this. We are teaching the WHOLE family! like 10 people! we went to visit an inactive yesterday, but he wasnt home, so we talked with his grandpa. he went off talking about everything odd thing in the world. So i went off looking around while he was talking and saw that he lives right next to the biggest house in Altos! i asked him if we knew who lived there and he said yes! so i asked his name as well and we went over and knocked the door. A woman opened the door and i said, "does luiz live here? his friend told us to visit him today...is he at home right now?" she said no, but we continued speaking and joking around with her and marked to teach the whole family tomorrow! Luiz´s wife said that he attended the church meetings here when he was a young man as well! Pray for us that everything goes well tomorrow!! These 3 groups are our focus right now. I loved the pictures of the kids! Everyone´s so big;;;;and white! hahahah! This week begins Carnaval on friday! Wish me luck!!! hahahah!
Elder Larsen

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 City of Pigs!! 
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