Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I love Altos!

heyyyo fam!!! great week here in altos! We had great success with divisions this week. I went with bishop´s son, Efraim, and elder machado went with an RM who got back last week named Wilson! He´s our new ward mission leader. The ward council was really excited about the family of joão filho that we were teaching. Bishop went with us on tuesday to teach them. It was a joke fest like between dad and uncle les! one stopped to tell one then the other began! I wish you guys could talk with bishop silva! he´s ridiculously hilarious! He´s as spiritual as he is funny as well! We prayed ´prayed prayed that they could come to church on sunday....and they did!! João made 2 trips on his motorcycle to bring everybody! I was quite happy about how they were received by the members. Its been a while since a complete family like theirs has visited the church! A lot of people thought they were members!! Sunday i spoke in sacrament meeting. My talk was about living the gospel without hipocrisy. I didnt burn anybody....i think :) I spoke about a few steps that we should follow to keep our eyes fixed upon the glory of God. Those who fall in the temptation of being a hipocrite often dont have a controlled mind or determined standards. The first speaker spoke for less than a minute so i had to speak about 20! Crazy how before the mission i didnt even know how to prepare a talk in my own language! João Filho and his family loved church! He said that for sure they´ll be back next sunday. We visited them at night as well with bishop, ym pres, quorum pres, and a few others. The ward´s so happy to have them! Friday was Marta´s baptism! He conversion was one of the strongest that i´ve seen in the mission. We saw her literally gain a testimony that wasnt quickly earned! Sunday of her confirmation she came to church in a skirt! She´s legit now!! Railma and Antonio will be married on wednesday and friday will be her baptism!! awesomeness in every aspect right now! Tuesday we held our district meeting here in altos...the sisters loved having it here in the air conditioning! We made lunch after in the chapel as well. My comp´s a great chef! he made lasagna for everyone! Today we bought my suit in teresina! Its a dark grey. I bought it for about 150 reais. or 75 dollars. I have to hem the pants though which are long. 
Elder Larsen 
 Ata! My favorite fruit! I even found one that was heart shaped! 
 iguana on the wall of the church!

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