Friday, March 14, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect!

Hey fam!!! we had a busy week here! i decided on focusing on our practice during our studies this week. I think it really made an impact in our togetherness in lessons. My companion commented as well that he felt way more comfortable this week and that he´s feeling the spirit more. He told me before our fast that he was thinking about just fasting for himself instead of the investigators, but i told him to man up and that we needed to fast for our investigators. I told him he has to be more hungry and eager to teach. He was satisfied with me teaching 90% of the lesson before. This week made a big difference. I think we´ll have good success on the last part of the transfer. transfers are on april 1st. I would stay in altos if i could, but i think i could be transferred. We taught a cool guy, Dennis, on saturday who is a member´s friend. We had a great lesson with him in the chapel. He´s a 24 yr old guy just looking for a purpose in his life being that he´s been through a lot of things. We also are teaching a family of the family of DinĂ¡ who we baptized. I interviewed someone for the sisters baptize on saturday as well. They are doing a lot better than before. The whole month of march here is a party! altos is commerorating some kind of holiday here right now, so they put up a little amusement park in the square! We passed close by last night and we heard someone calling us. It was a man that i made a contact with on the bus on elder machado´s first day. We were never able to find his house before. He was super excited to see us. He was with his whole family as well. He was like man, when are you guys gonna come visit us?! and told us that he didnt know where the chapel was and that that was the only reason him and his family havent been yet!! After a tough week, we had a miracle before we got home! i´ve seen this a few times in the mission where i fasted for something and the Lord blessed us with another opportunity that we didnt even expect! I will talk next sunday in church, should be good! 
Elder Larsen

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