Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Answers to Prayers!!

Hey guys! Another heck of a week here. We had a lot of prayers answered. The first one started with a girl named MArta that we had been teaching. We stopped teaching her for a couple of weeks because she stopped progressing, but i guess it was a good thing! She kept coming to church, so tuesday we went there and taught her a very spiritual lesson about the atonement and baptism. I used a story of a man who was traveling along a road looking to get to his destiny, but there were 2 barriers in the way. when he got there he asked a construction worker if he could build a bridge or something for him to pass. He said he could and that it would be for EVERYONE to pass. The man wouldnt have to pay anything either. When he passed and got to the other side, he encountered another barrier with the same construction worker close by. He asked the worker if he could build another bridge, but this time was different. The worker told him he could build some stairs for him if he gave him EVERYTHING he had in his pocket. So the man gave his money to the worker and stairs were built so that he could get to his destination. The object is that we are the man going to his destination (God´s presence). The construction worker is Christ, helping us pass 2 barriers, physical death and spiritual death. The 2nd death is only overcome if we give everything that we have and if we ascend the steps of the gospel.

 physical            spiritual
   death               death

when we asked her to be baptized, she quickly accepted! awesome! her baptism is on friday! Then, next week we will marry Antonio and Railma, then she will be baptized on the 28th! We started to teach the family of João filho this week....family of 6! so awesome teaching them....the dad calls everyone in to listen to us during the lesson! The 2nd time we taught them, you could tell that they read the book of mormon and prayed. Too bad they couldnt come to church on sunday because of family visiting, but they are SUPER special. The 2nd time, i was with one of the zone leaders teaching them. They live super far and its dark where they live. When we were heading out the door, Joao stopped us and said, "i wont let you boys walk all the way home in the dark". He called a taxi and paid for us! He´s not super rich either. Honestly a really kind hearted guy. So, i went on a division with elder pennington on thursday. We had some great lessons. It was also the first time on the mission that i taught with an american or spent the whole day with one! It was kinda weird! I dont what its gonna be like living amongst all americans again!! On sunday i blessed the sacrament for the first time in the mission...bishop told me i need to give lessons to the young men on how to do it right. He said i nailed it! hahaha! We have a REALLY good teaching group right now...i hope we can take advantage of it. I´m praying to stay in Altos one more transfer...i love it here! We´ve had some crazyyyy thunderstorms this week. It was all flooded to the knees! Last night was the worst...there was lightning like crazy. It turned my companion into a little girl. He was so scared! Loving life here!
Amo vocês! 
Seu querido,
Elder Larsen
I Love our Bishop! 
 Lizard we found in the chapel....
 Fat Pig.... hahaha
 So wet!! 
 Friendly little dog.... giving me a hug! hahaha


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