Tuesday, March 4, 2014


well well, happy CARNAVAL everyone! so....altos is kinda crazy  right now. we literally tried to work on friday and saturday..but nobody was home. The good people who dont party go camping or to a different city during this week. The church here in brasil always organizes something for the week of carnaval to pull the members away from the mess. So there´s 2 types of people that stay in the city for carnaval....loucos (crazies) and missionaries. We come home pretty early every night this week, its out of control. i think its crazier here than parna√≠ba. These last weeks have been CRAZY hot! its way humid right now. good thing i got those big red towels in my box to use during the day! I called a lot of old investigators and marked appointments with them for the end of this week. There´s a lot that sounded really positive! We went looking for a less active this week and ended up talking to his brother, Ruan, and teaching him. He accepted a baptismal date as well! we got a lot of good people coming out of the woodwork! We are putting the prophet´s promise to the test working 50% with investigators and 50% with inactives. Its not meant to be by LESSONS, but by TIME. by looking for the less active, we found Ruan, who´s a great investigator! It really works. We talked about this in the zone meeting on saturday. Our zone reactivated a lot of people in february, but only baptized 8. Of the 8, Five were from our district! I love working with the sisters. Good that i havent had any annoying ones in my district yet. They all tell me i´m the best district leader that they´ve had.....just sayin´ *cough*cough! THANK YOU FOR THE BOX!! finally got it! i´m gonna get plump now! everyone was sad though that there were no thrifty pens! hahaha! Thats about all i got for this week. Love yall!
Elder Larsen

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