Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Having a Testimony!

Hello dearest family,
Its good to be pday again! we had an eventful week. we marked the married of railma and antonio this week. i´m waiting on an answer of what day it will be. I held an interview for the sisters this week as well. they are doing VERY well. president is crazy about teaching less actives lately. brasil, last year, baptized 39,000 people.....guess how many are active today..2,000. We have a new rule to teach at least 2 lessons to inactives per day. It seems to be functioning quite well in the mission. We met a guy, Edimilson this week who was 1st counselor in the bishopric when the church started here in altos. He involved himself in a lot of other churches over the years, but claimed that we represent the only true church. he is wanting to come back now being that he´s getting old. the man uses 18 degree glasses! he cried in the middle of our visit realizing the testimony that he still has. There are a lot of less actives though that never had a testimony. Its quite hard to teach them. even harder than investigators. This week rained like a son of a gun! Honestly, we treaded through rivers a few times. Water up to our knees! its just like arizona here when it rains, there´s nowhere for it to go! We´ve been received quite a bit of help from the members recently. They all want to teach with us! So on sunday, bishop comes up to me right before sacrament meeting, and was like, elder, can you give a 12 minute talk about not denying chances to serve? so i prepared a lil some some and delivered! i talked about the difference between the good samaritan and jonas and how each responded on a chance to serve. even if we arent serving today how we should, we can repent and change right now just like jonas did. We taught with a young couple after lunch, Crespo and Auricélia, they´re way cool. I will be staying in contact with a lot of people from altos. I think i´ve made the most friendships in this area. I think i´ll stay one more transfer until april 1st. 

quote of the week: Bishop and his son Efraim
Efraim:"hey dad, whats it like having the coolest son in the world?"
Bishop:"i have no idea, but you should ask your grandpa!"
have a great week everyone!
Elder Larsen

 Bishop's son came to weed whip our backyard
 Little poor houses but they have a big ole satellite dish!

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