Monday, December 10, 2012

2nd Week out in the field!

HEYYOO!!! Well it feels nothing like Christmas here...its about 110 everyday and never a drop of rain, but its really windy! Heres a rundown of the week:
mon- Went to the city centre and bought some things. We had a lunch party at the house with all of us. We made hotdogs, or as the brazilians say, "hotchdogs"! I ate 6 of those bad boys! We set up our new hammocks as well and slept in them that night. You have to lay diagonal in them when you sleep so your back is straight or you will wake up in pieces. It was so sweet to email again after that long week and a half! I felt disconnected! Im glad to have the guys in my apartment though, theyre like brothers! We had an appointment at night but it fell through so we went through knocking on doors and NOTHING. We got to like the 6th door and finally someone let us in! It was a family of a mom and 2 daughters about 25 and 20, one with a little girl. We taught the whole first discussion and the book of mormon! They were so involved and asked questions! i spoke a little slower than usual and it really helped tonight. It was the first time people didnt giggle or laugh when i talked! We asked the mom to say the prayer, so she started and then she paused and just started balling, saying,"oh thank you heavenly father for sending these two messengers to us"! It was perfect! They asked when we were coming back before we could even ask!
tues - woke up at 5 to go to zone conf! It was good, but long! It was cool seeing Elder Winn and meeting a bunch of new elders. I really hit it off with this one elder, Elder Murray, from Sacramento. He was on a AAA basketball team and was recruited by a lot of D1 schools but chose to go on a mission instead. All of us elders went to a members house after to eat. they had a bunch of fruit trees in the backyard! Mango, starfruit, and a bunch of other things that i dont even know the name! Its so fresh and delish! We all had the runs later though because of something in the food. It was a long walk home too..We'll just say i threw a pair of bottoms away.We met a grandma, granddaughter, and an inactive lady in the ward later and taught them and really involved the inactive lady in our teaching. It went really well and we are going back. We taught another lady as well, she is married and has kids but they werent there at the time. She had 2 friends show up when we were teaching though and she was like oh sit down and listen to this guys!!
wed- Long day! my comp was really sick so i was trapped in the apartment all day. So i pretty much cleaned the whole day, trying to stay busy. I did a lot of studying as well. I never want to do that again!
thurs - Did a lot of walking today! Today, we just focused on less actives. We have 400 less actives in our we got work to do! We ate at a members house today and we didnt get a choice of food. there was already stuff on the plate...and im not sure what it was! I could only recognize rice! But i ate it! I havent had a problem with food here. I mean ive had the runs a few times, but thats natural here.
fri - What a day! My most difficult yet. We taught a few different lessons today and every time, nobody understood me! It was so frustrating! my companion had to explain everything all over. Then i tried to speak again and they still didnt understand! I said everything right my comp said, it was just my accent. So i got work to do with that.
sat - Today was way better. We taught a boy named Mateus. He is 15 and Atheist, but we got him to pray which is a huge step and we will visit him again this friday! We met another guy Kleyton. He is 22 and lives in a really fancy p´lace. He welcomed us right in and was really interested and humble when we taught. He was so nervous to pray but did it! Its crazy some people here have never prayed in their lives! I taught the brazilian homies how to make pancakes this morning too and they loved me for it!
sun- Had stake conf at the stake center, but it was different! It was a broadcast from Salt Lake! They really stressed on being 100 percent obedient and by being obedient, were being missionaries at the same time! We literally walked like 10 miles to lunch on the way back because we couldnt catch a bus in the dead heat of midday. I drank 10 gallons of water when we got to the members house. Every single meal here has 3 things: rice beans and noodles. Other thing, its no big deal for any kind of animal to be walking down the street. There was horse just chilling in the road today! hahah! I killed my first tarantula today! It was like a teenage one though. It was hopping like 5 feet with every jump! We taught one guy, Marcos at night! He is 20 and had two siblings and parents that will be there for our next lesson! He loved us!

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