Monday, December 3, 2012

1st Week in the Field!

Ola finalmente familia!! Foi uma boa, mas ocupado, semana aqui!! Heres what went down!

nov 27 - What a day! got up at 3 AM to go to the airport. I was nervous as crap, this is the real deal now! We connected in Brasilia and got to Teresina at 11. We jumped an hour back here. The time stays the same all year here like arizona does in the US. President and sister siedschlag were waiting at the airport for us with the APs. They are so fun and were so excited for us to arrive. President Siedchlag is a classy guy. He was an educational organizer in Arariquari, close to Porto Alegre, and is pretty loaded, but he wont admit to it. So after that, we went and got our Police info filled out with the APs. We went to fancy buffet together called Macro after. We hadnt eaten in forever so we destroyed the place. We chilled at the mission home for a while afterward and did paperwork and got Portugues! President really commended my Portugues though and gave me a big ol hug. We met quite a few other elders then went to an apartment close by to stay for the night. Whoa! It was a PIG PEN!

nov 28 - Great day! Had a 7 hour conference at the stake center with the pres and future trainers. It was long, but captivating. They announced where we are going and who will be our comp with a slideshow! It was really cool! And im going to....PARNAIBA! Way up north touching the ocean! Elder Winn is as well, but a different area in the city! We went to Presidents apartment after and had dinner! And it is FANCY as all get out! Everyone is really impressed with us new guys and how prepared we are.

nov 29 - 6 hour busride to Parnaiba! My comp is Elder Nakazoni! Brazilian with Japanese heritage. Hes been out for 6 months from Sao Paulo. We talked the whole way up and he is such a great guy! I couldnt ask for a better trainer! As soon as we got here, we unpacked really quick and went to work! We taught 2 families and 2 other people. the people here are so receptive and friendly! Elder Nakazoni seriously bossed it up in the lessons! Im gonna learn a lot from him. We have 2 other elders in the apartment too, Elder Antonio and Elder Leite, each from Rio. So... Im forced to speak Portugues 24-7. We went out to each at a little pastel place. The one told me i will get to take some golden pics here! He had chameleon pee on him from a tree one time and saw a huge black lady bathing over a sprinkler in the middle of a round about one time hahaha! The drivers here are SO CRAZY! Its like everyone is Aunt Tammie on Steroids! You seriously see 20 scooters or motorcycles for every 1 car.

nov 30 - Went and did service in the morning moving furniture at a members house and then they fed us! It was the fanciest house of the area here! I have no idea what kind of meat we ate, but i downed it! And of course, beans and rice. We stopped and helped a guy move bricks on the way home spontaneously too. We met a big family later on and taught for a good 30 mins! The drunk people here love us and love to call out HEY ELDERS!!

dec 1 - Its December?!?! time is slow in the morning during study, but flies when youre out and about!We have lunch appointments scheduled eveyday here! The members love us! WE ate at this members house today with the gradmpa who has the biggest gut around. He was wearing his fancy shirt, but not buttoned up...he could tell i was uncomfortable with it so he buttoned the bottom button...which did nothing.. hahah! We taught his friend at the house too! We always let the choose who they want to say the prayer and they always say The Americano! I have hot streaks with the language and then i go cold where its hard to understand a thing! The end of the day is my best because i shake off the rust of the whole day. In other news, our apartment is rather ghetto...our water works when it wants to and when you want to take a shower, its always ice cold! but its nice at the end of a hot day. Its 110ish here everyday, but we get a good breeze being close to the ocean.

dec. 3  - what a day! Literally walked about 15 miles today! Church was good, but definitely different! Had a lady pass out in sacrament meeting! Haha, but we took care of it! Its a little branch of about 60 in a little house thing! We went to a members house after...their house is literally made of sticks. You seriously have no idea how poor some of these people are, yet they give up their best food for the missionaries! Later, we went to a young man from the wards house. His name is Brendo. We taught his mom and sister who arent members. We involved him a lot and it went so well!

Today, we went to a cool market and i bought a hammock! Black and gold to remind me of home! I gotta go though! I Love you guys!!
Muito amor,
Elder Larsen

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