Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Week 8 in the MTC... One more week to go!!

Ola Familia!! Time is flying and im ready to bounce to Teresina! Crazy its the last P Day in the CTM!
Thurs- My Portugues is really taking another step forward! Its so fun to talk to Brazilians now, rather than stressing so much before! My prayers and just speaking period are so much more fluid! We had a great street contact practice here in the morning with new missionaries, so funny how they think we are completely fluent! Ive been reading in Alma lately and the later parts where the nephites and lamanites are in battle is my favorite. Not only are the battles themselves interesting, but the testimonies of the Nephites that were willing to put everything on the line to protect their religion, freedom and families from such ferocious people like the Lamanites.
fri- My first contacts with people are definitely my strongest point right now! I love to small talk and just get to know them. Its fun trying to find ways that the book of mormon can relate to peoples lives. I love the work im doing here. Ive been blessed with patience so much in my learning and everything else.
sat- Im so grateful for the way ive been progressing as a missionary this week. I know i couldnt gain this kind of knowledge anywhere else. Our professor, Irmao Zamignani, made a promise to us that we would make us homemade peanut butter a few weeks ago and he finally brought it to class! We bought bread and honey and had a feast! It tasted like i kissed an angel! actually, anything thats not beans and rice is wonderful! My organization has improved so much as a missionary! I hope i can carry it with my after my mission.
sun - The speaker was so great tonight at devotional. He really just fired us all up like we were in a pep rally! He stressed how we can be better companions and walk the extra mile to be a better missionary. When we are in the service of our fellow men, we are only in the service of our God. I had to teach our district meeting today as well. Its always just the elders in our district, but President Sugiyama and his wife sat in today on it so that was a tad nerve racking! haha! It went great though, he pat me on the back afterward.
mon - Proselyting Day!! It was so awesome! We gave out 5 Books of Mormon in 3 hours! We also ran into the guy, William, that we gave a book of mormon to a few p days ago! Hes been reading and enjoys the it! We ran into a 40ish year old guy today tooand he was really interested! He was about to get on his motorcycle but we stopped him and talked for like 30 mins! I was able to quote James 1 v. 5 in Portugues to him as well without a stutter! Another cool one was a guy named Alexi thats 20. He was sitting outside of his house texting so he just started chatting up with him and he went and pulled a book of mormon out and we read it with him and explained and cleared up a lot of things. Another cool guy, Michael, is 18 and we started just walking and teaching him! When we finally got to his destination, he stopped and let us talk for a while and he seemed genuinely excited to read the book of mormon! They love hearing about us in our personal lives too! I was able to talk to a guy at a car wash too and told him that i used to work at one as well. It really broke the ice for us and we gave him a book of mormon! It wasnt all golden. We ran into a few transvestites and toothless people along the way as well.. they werent the friendliest. The last one was the best though. It was a little 9 yr old named Leonardo! He was walking his little chocolate lab so we just chatted it up with him and told him to share a book of mormon with his mom and he was really excited about it! Especially when i mentioned the wars and such hahah!
tues- Well we all learned not to judge people today! We had a different instructor teach us today that none of us liked, but by the end of the lesson he was our best friend and ended up giving us a ton of great advice and knowledge! Elder Allen, Miller, Farr, and i all sang in a choir of about 10 tonight for devotional! It was a great idea to do it. We did so well! I guess Shilo didnt get his visa, i havent seen him here today so i guess he is in provo! Last thing, If you want to read a good story in the book of mormon, read helaman chap 9! Love it! P.s. Every Brazilian says they already have book of mormon when you introduce it, ive learned not to fall for their lies! hahah!
Love yall!!
- Elder Larsen

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