Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 7 in the MTC... 2 more weeks to go!

E Aí Família!! Had a really productive week at the CTM!!
Thurs - We got new brazilian roomates today, Elder De Oliveira of Campinas and Elder Moreira of Porto Alegre! Theyre 20 and 25 and rock solid, plus theyre both black which means we are automatically friends! They were both converted to the church just a year ago too! They speak SO SO fast though, but the one knows some english to help us! Ive been doing a lot of scipture tabbing this week too and it has helped me in lessons so much! Elder Miller drew some caricatures of our whole district today too! They are all DEAD ON. I will send a picture of it soon! I dont want to waste money sending pictures right now because i will be in the field in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!! We talked to some Brazilian sisters today from Recife too and they make all of their own clothes! Crazy! they said they would make us ties!
Fri - We were investigators again for TRC but 2 week missionaries taught us! It was so funny because you can just say whatever to them and they will just nod and laugh! I was like, man my farts smell so you agree? And they nodded their heads hahah! Its crazy how far we have come thoough and that we were the same way!
Sat - BOM DIA! Had workshop today and taught lessons in groups of 10 missionaries. It was in english was SO odd! I mean, speaking normal conversations in english is fine, but teaching in it was HARD! All we have done is taught in portugues! Ive really gotten better at asking meaningful questions that open the investigator up a lot though. It is so fun to be able to talk to new brazilians here every day! I dont think ive met one who has their whole family in the church and most of the time theyre the only member!
sun - Spiritual boost day! Elder Steadman of the presidency here gave a great talk on obedience. He related the story of Naaman in the Bible. He had leprosy and walked many miles to see the profet Elijah to be healed. He was just told that he should wash himself in the Jordan River 7 times. At first, he was like, What the heck?! I walked this far to hear this, but went and washed 7 times and was healed! Perfect obedience brings about blessings, not 70 percent or 80 percent.
mon - Ive been busting my butt studying this week! I didnt do that great in our morning discussion, so i said a prayer and did SO much better in our later one. I started to rely too much on my own knowledge and not the spirit. All of our knowledge and gain comes from God. The glory isnt for us, but for Him. Ive learned that being humble is a sign of strength, not weakness.
tues - Its crazy how i have doubts about the language and then something pops up where im able to use it! for example, i was talking to Elder Allen saying how hard it will be to understand people in the field! Right after i said that, some Brazilians came into our room and we talked to them for like an hour like no big deal! Heavenly Father knows our thoughts and intentions and helps us when we are humbled!
Ok, now a quick story from the week:
Me and Elder Winn went on splits to the bathroom one day. I always make the voice of this one instructor here, Irmão Peçaña. He has this deep, slow voice and i have it so dead on. Anyways, we were in different stalls and he walks out first and starts knocking on the stall and sticking his feet under the door of another stall thinking it is me. He thought i replied to him in a Peçaña voice, ELDER THIS IS NOT A JOKE. DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS? He was like, youre really funny elder larsen. A second later, i walk out of a different stall, and hes like OH MAN THATS REALLY PEÇANA and just books it outta there hahaha! It would be so much funnier if you knew Irmao Peçaña.
Haha! A mission is making me the person i want to be and sharing the gospel brings happiness that words cant describe! Thank you mom and dad for raising me to be worthy to be here. Thanks everyone for your letters and all too! They make my week! Time is flying so fast! especially this 30 mins to email! Haha! Gotta go!
Eu Amo Vocês!
- Elder Larsen

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