Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Week 6 in the MTC...

Hey Y'all!! I'm still alive! Here's how the week went!
thurs - not a ton happened today. We taught a fake discussion to Elder Farr. He gave us a good situation of him being an investigator who got offended by someone in the ward. It was tough at first, but answered well!
fri - We thought something crazy was going on here this week because the whole MTC was getting crazy cleaned more than it ever has! Like, they were cleaning the crevices on the ground with toothbrushes, but we found out it was just for mission conference. We all thought a general authority from Salt lake was coming or something hahaha! Days are getting so repetitive here now, i cant wait for something new every day!
sat - We were investigators for TRC today! It was fun. I was the main investigator and i had 4 friends with me. I told him my name was Fernando and so they asked what everyone elses names were and Elder Searles says his name is Fernando too because he wasnt paying attention! haha! I was like, Feshe sua boca! Eu sou Fernando! Não você! hahah! we practiced street contacting at night during workshop! It was a lot of fun! I was companions with Elder Reams from Fairmont, WV! I just went off saying whatever i wanted when we taught! You realize how much you know when a younger elder teaches with you because theyre just like, WHOA.. haha! I felt so confident after that though, i needed it!
sun - We had fast and testimony meeting today and it was so awesome. The spirit was just there. I bore my testimony on how grateful i am that my grandparents joined the church and that missionaries like us can affect just one family and their posterity eventually like the missionaries who taught papa gary and grandma sue! We had mission conference as well which was really cool! The concluding speaker was Pres Aroujo. Such a cool guy. The biggest Brazilian youll ever meet and hes the type of guy that just slaps you on the back and just grabs your shoulder like a grizzly bear when he talks to you hahaha! He told a self experience of his that was used in a general conference talk before! He was a member when he was a boy, but went inactive when he became good at surfing in his later teens because competitions were on sundays. His priesthood leader would always come to his house in the morning to pick him up for church before he could go surf. He would always complain, but his leader would be like, Well thats nice, you can tell me about it on the way to church ahhah! One day pres aroujo woke up at like 5 in the morning and got to the beach and thought he was safe! Then he saw his priesthood leader off in the distance from the water.. He quickly dove under water and when he popped up for air his leader called his name, but he ignored it! The third time he popped up for air, he didnt see or hear him so he started walking up to shore, then he felt a hand on his shoulder.. His leader was in all of his church clothes and was like, you ready for Church? hahaha! He said he was so grateful for his leaders example and was able to go on a mission because of him haha!
mon- We decided to write down our goals for every study session now and it has made a huge difference. When you have a clear cut goal, it is so much easier to accomplish! I was able to talk to some new brazilians today in the laundry room just by myself and i caught myself just rambling on with them without even thinking about it! It was so cool haha! Elder Allen and I schooled some big jock guys in basketball today too. Jacobo would be proud of my outside shot.
tues - Elder Allen and i taught elder acosta today in a fake discussion. It was really good because all 3 of us speak pretty good português! We had a district arm wrestling tournament today too! Irmão Zamignani, the little ginge professor, was the only one that could beat me! Hes a little tiny squat, but strong somehow! I was reading in Alma today and it is crazy to think how King Lamoni and his father were converted unto Christ. They were wicked as wicked could be, but through Ammons submissiveness and love to the Lord, he was given the power to soften their hearts. Nobody is too far away from receiving the truth and fulness of the gospel! A heart can be changed, no matter who it is! Our district performed Que Firme Alicerce (How Firm a Foundation) for devotional tonight and nailed it! Everyone told us we did so good and a sister told us she wanted to hug us, but couldnt! hahah!
Eu presiso sair! Eu amo vocês!
- Elder Larsen

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