Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week 5 in the MTC! Happy Halloween

Oi Oi Família! Tudo Bom aqui em Brasil! Meu tornozelu é ficando muito melhor!
Wed - I sat by elder adams on the bus and he always tells me his stories about vietnam and what not on the way to the temple so thats always entertaining! I really thought about how greatful i am for Papa Gary and Grandma Sue bringing the gospel to their posterity and the blessing it is in my life to have fulness of the Saviors love in my life because of them accepting missionaries. Look at the all of the people who were affected, including grandkids of missions right now!
Thurs - got a new elder in our district today from the provo mtc, elder house from portland. He is very good at the language and is a great help to us. Elder Allen and i have memorized 7 articles of faith in portuguese too. We sat with new brazilians during lunch today. i was actually able to understand about 70 percent of what they said! They were the first to know where pittsburgh was too! (mostly because of the steelers haha). I got 4 letters for 4 days straight here too! My mailbox was on fire!
Fri- Today was eventful. We went til 6 pm without speaking a word of english as a district! We definitely taught our best lesson that morning too. They told us that we worked so well going back and forth as companions and that we asked a lot of questions that made the investigator think. They also said that we listened and answered the questiosn like pros. I was reading about Abinidi today and i really hope i can be like Him and be bold in sharing the gospel. He only affected one person, Alma, but he went on to lead numerous people in the right direction through the gospel.
Sat- Had a great workshop today. We watched videos of the prophet and apostles. One of them i really liked. President monson talked about a woman in East prussia during WWII. Her husband had died during the war and she was forced to leave her home and move 1000 miles west with her 4 children (ages 7,5,3, and newborn). It was winter time and they had no shoes and tattered coats. Along the way, all 4 children died and the mother had to dig their graves in the cold, hard ground with her bare hands. She contemplated ending her life, but as she fell to her knees, she poured her heart out in prayer and was overcome with joy and understanding that through Christs Atonement, she can see her family again.After hearing this, i thought, could any situation be worse? This lady suffered more than anybody, but then i remembered that the Savior felt ALL of her pain as well. He also felt all of ours. If we dont humble ourselves, we cant come to know that He loves us all so much and that He willingly died for our sins so that we can live with our families again. No other church stresses the imoportance of families like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. With the Bible and the Book of Mormon, we have TWO testaments of Jesus Christ to manifest the truth, so that the gospel of Christ cannot be misinterpreted.
Sun- Great sunday! We watched a lot of mormon messages after church. I encourage you to watch the talk from Jeffrey R. Holland about the Book of Mormon in 2009. His message is so strong and authoritative.
monday- 5 districts are leaving tomorrow! Its sad to see them all leave, but it leaves us the 2nd oldest group here! Its so cool how much we progress in the language each week.
tues - Great day! I have really taken the lead in our past few discussions and weve done really good! I can say things that i want to say without thinking too much!
today we went and tried to give a book of mormon out after lunch when we went walking around. people are so accustomed to seeing missionaries in our boundaries here though and never have time to talk. We were able to stop one guy though and at least give him a pamphlet. He didnt sound like he was speaking portuguese! hahah! He said he already bought a book of mormon too...SURE hahah! It was humbling though. Missionary work is tough, but rewarding when you can finally share a message with them. Im healthy and fine though. I cant complain. I just gotta keep working harder. The only thing i can think of that i need is deodorant thats the antiperspirant kind, not the gel because it will melt. Thank you for the halloween package! Its good to get something other than beans and rice! haha!
Eu presico ir! Eu amo voces!
Com amor
Elder Larsen

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