Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week One in the MTC or CTM...

Things are going great here at the CTM! I will give you a run down of each day here.
Wednesday - Definitely a little overwhelming when we landed and everything is written in portugues with tiny english subtitles! coming through the clouds on the plane here was so cool though! every bit of surface area in Sao Paulo is covered in buildings! its outrageous how big it is here. the drivers are so crazy too! they take no heed to anyone rules at all! they say one motorcyclist a day is killed in sao paulo too! The first day seemed like an eternity here though! i had cellphone and internet withdrawals. the older guys here though say it picks up after the first week though like crazy! my companion is Elder Allen...hes from Provo! hahaha but hes not cookie cutter really. he knows the language pretty well and we study well together. our district is so great! all of us get along and we get stuff done! Teresina and Curitiba compose most of our district. The architecture of the buildings is so interesting and colorful here!
Thursday - We took some steps forward in the language today! We got two more roomates.. Elder Bravo from Chile and Elder Lopes Da Silva from Curitiba. Theyre such funny guys! somehow we were able to converse with them at night! i dont even know how the language came to me! Elder Bravo speaks a little Portanol...spanish and portuguese. Elder winn and elder rodgers are in our room too from vegas and south carolina. I started eating the food today too! The first day i ate almost nothing, but i ate my whole plate today! Its definitely funky! They say its chicken but theres a high possiblity it isnt hahaha! Its crazy how im able to eat things now that i wouldnt even try before!!
Friday - not a whole lot here. just studying and such haha
Saturday - We taught a discussion as a group today with some of the older elders. I kinda just took a back seat and watched. i learned so much in how they deliver their message. it way in such a strong, but peaceful way. it made me want to study harder so i can teach better. it is our job to present and invite others to come unto christ in the best way possible for them.
Sunday - had fast and testimony meeting! the blue dots or new guys were allowed to bear their testimonies in english so that helps! our branch pres is pres sugiyama! hes brazilian asian so....asian without slanted eyes hahaha. hes so cool! he gave me a big ol hug after my interview with him.
Monday - We are working on fasting from english for certain times during the day. its a little discouraging when you have to teach lessons in portugues..its hard to think of what to say! i know heavenly father will bless me if i continue to study hard though. i can say a whole prayer in portugues now and almost my testimony! Our professor irma de Paula told us that Teresina is one of the most friendly, talkative areas of brazil so that was good to hear! its so hard to teach people who hardly speak.
tuesday - good day! killed my back playing volleyball, but its doing a little better with some icyhot. the language is  getting tough, but i try to just remind myself ive only been here 6 days.
wednesday - we went to the temple this morning! so beautiful and unique!
i dont know the address of the ctm. its super long. ask someone. and i cant send pictures in the mtc.
I gotta go! but i love you all so much! im glad i came on a mission. the church is true. God can work any miracle for us if we ask for help in faith and work for that goal knowing that He is there beside us. Be safe yall!
Com Muito Amor
Elder Larsen
p.s. i miss peanut butter and rolls of toilet paper. they don't have rolls here..hahhaha

All the New Elders that are in his mission!! 
Its so good to hear from our Elder and to know that he is doing good and learning the language.

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