Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 4 in the MTC... One month down!!

Things are doing great aqui! I am enjoying being here so much! Hers a run down of the week!
wed - pizza paarty was great! thanks mom and dad! it was good to have some american food, but it still tasted a little different!
thurs - not a great day. we were playing volleyball and i came down on my ankle with all of my weight after i spiked the ball and it just crumbled. I got over to the Dr and he told me it was broken, but pretty dang close. He gave me meds and some crutches and told me to ice it. No joke, it was the size of a cantaloupe. Ive grown to love my companion a lot. he helped me out a lot this week since i couldnt do a lot of things by myself. he got my tray for every meal and always asked me if i needed anything. This experience really humbled me and made me think of what a blessing it is to have good health. Faith in Jesus Christ can heal anything though. I got a blessing that night from some elders in my district. i prayed every night as hard as i could too. When we make a prayer a wrestle before God as enos says, its much more meaningful. I really learned to put my pride aside and want to lose myself in the service of others. There is nobody who can relate to us more than the Savior, in any situation! I thought why me at first, but now i know its just a trial of my faith.
fri - i didnt let my ankle get me down at all. we are learning and grasping so much in the language! i am able to better understand the brazilians every day! it just stinks being so dependent on my comp. I taught a discussion with elder steed today and we did really well! the spirit is so powerful when you are worthy of it and study hard. I had a Dom De Linguas rampage at the end he said! i just went off in portuguese! hahaha!
sat - Great day! i like the last verse of Jacob chap 1! It tells us all our purpose as missionaries and our responsibility! We are responsible for sharing the gospel with those around us. If they dont accept it, at least we shared it with them and dont have the stains of their sins upon us. But it is our duty to help the feel the spirit in the best way and to come unto christ. We had a discussion today with an older brazilian man and he was HARD to understand! we went in with a lesson about the restoration but he said he already heard it, so we kinda panicked but we swithched gears and taught about the plan of salvation and did very well!
sund - Sundays are sweet! good day to recooperate and focus on only spiritual things. I gave the opening prayer in sacrament meeting and i dont know where the heck the words came from but i said a ton of stuff in Portugues! We had a great fireside later with the sao paulo interlagos mission pres. he gave some great advice
-do your work with a smile on your face
- dont be the same person you were before your mission
monday -we got 2 new elders in our room! one, elder fuentealba from santiago, chile and elder alves from Curitiba! They are leg√£o! (cool) Brazilians think everything is hilarious! We all think theyre humor is 10 years behind american humor! hahaha
tuesday - Great day! i was able to hobble around today instead of on crutches for the most part! i still couldnt fit my shoe on bc my foot is so fat! Elder Fuentealba pulled me aside and was like Elder Larsen, i need help. I thought he was joking around but he was dead serious! hahaha he was like you look like you know how to talk to girls. I dont know what to write to this girl back home! Im muito timido! hahaha somehow i was able to counsel him on girls in Portuguese! i told him not to worry so much and just lose himself in the work mainly. we had a sweet fireside! just a testimony meeting. we sang a cool rendition of Joseph Smiths First Prayer as a choir. Not kidding, we sounded like angels. The president asked us to sing it again, so we did! haha
wed - heading out for p day! im able to walk pretty normal now! the Dr says i amaze him because most of the time after a severe sprain you dont walk for 2-3 weeks! The swelling is goign down too! I really feel everyones prayers and i have testimony that ANYTHING physical, mental, or spiritual is possible through faith in Jesus Christ.
Love you all! Be safe!
- Elder Larsen

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