Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 3 in the MTC!!

BOM DIA! Another good week in Brasil! Im alive and kickin! Excuse the lack of apostrophes and such. the keyboards are funky down here! Heres what happened this week -
wednesday - its always great to get outside! brazilians are so hard to understand when they start speaking muito rapido! Elder Allen and i try to make an effort to sit with them at lunch though. Theres an elder from Teresina here that showed us some pictures of our mission president and of the mission home and stuff! made me so excited! its muggy anywhere you go in Brasil, but EVERYONE here just laughs when we tell them where we are going. Hahah the heat in Teresina is uncomparable they say! Im looking forward to it though! We should be out of here by Nov 30th! A mission is making me grow up and be a lot more independent, even if its just the mtc still. Its so crazy to think that im in south america right now though!
thursday - Eventful day! Went to the police station to register our passports and such. We met a bunch of missionaries from sao paulo mission that had been out for a while! it was fun talking with them and getting good advice. They speak portugues like its no big deal. Today was Dia de Criancas (day of the children). We had all kinds of good american food for lunch and all of the mtc staff were dressed up as clowns ahaha! Brazilians literally find any reason to celebrate! they have a different holiday like every other week!
friday - we had TRC today! This time, the investigators were brazilians! They were so much harder to understand (especially the one with the lisp)! But we did pretty well! Our proffessor is so funny! His name is Irmao Zamignani from Sao Paulo and he is a red head! hahaha! Everything he says just cracks you up! We call him Atrevido Fogo Ruh which means saucy fire frog which is exactly what he looks like hahaha! He told us to Focus On it in portugues which is written Foque-O which sounds like F-You in english! hjahahah we all looked around for a second and realized it was portugues finally hahaha!
sat - We met more elders from Teresina today! They all are so funny and speak faster than other brazilians! The chubby brazilians are by far the funniest! one is literally a Brazilian Chris Farley! Me and my comp teach so differently, but together we make a good combo! Hes more of a written out, word for word kind of guy where i just ask questions and go with the flow of the discussion.
sunday - Today was awesome! gained a lot of respect for the 2nd counselor in our branch! i thought he was kinda weird at first, but hes such a great speaker! He taught our lesson today about listening to the spirit when it first speaks to you and act! dont put it off. He served in WV and knows exactly where Steubenville is! Its so cool to meet people who know where you live! His companion was a huge BYU linebacker. He said some days they would knock a door and the person would open it and say sorry, im baptist. he would say, well im sorry too, but we will still teach ya! hahaha!
monday -im soakin up the portubgues like a sponge! we started having jejum para ingles (fast from english) for an hour every day! Its amazing how much you know when you are forced to speak it! Our brazilian roomies leave tomorrow! Ill miss them!
tuesday - Got like 3 hours of sleep from our guys in our room packing all night! ugh hahah! at night we taught our best discussion yet! Everything i said just rolled off my tongue with ease! The dom de linguas is kickin in!! I felt confident about the whole thing! I truly am blessed to be serving the Lord in such a cool place with such warm, loving people! It amazes me that ive been here for 3 weeks and learned this much already! I memorized the whole first vision in portugues this week too!
Vi um pilar de luz acima de minha cabeza
mais brilhante que o sol
que desia gradualmente sobre mim
quando a luz possua sobre mim
vi dois personagens cujo esplendor e gloria
desafiam qualquer descricao
pairando no ar, acima de mim
um deles falou-me chamando-me pelo nome
e disse apontando para o outro
Este e meu Filho Amado
I love you all so much! I am so blessed every day that i am here! Be safe yall!
Com Amor
- Elder Larsen

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