Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Week 2 in the MTC

Hey Yall!! Everything is going great here! Im alive and im getting fed spiritually and physically! My back got so screwed up last week, but i just prayed really hard every night and im totally without pain now! I feel everyones prayers for me as well. Blessings in all forms dont usually come until after the trial of your faith! Ill give you a quick rundown of the week
Wednesday - P-day! went to the temple! its such a beautiful and interesting temple! its in sao paulo but takes an hour to get there with traffic! The city is so different and colorful than any other city ive seen! Then we got back and just walked around the mtc outside and visited the stores! taught a full lesson in portugues that wasnt perfect but we did it!
thurs - taught another full lesson in portugues! sounded a little better this time. we made an effort to get more personal with the investigator and ask more about them! much more effective when you teach people, not lessons.
ive learned that when you say things fast in portugues if you dont know what you are saying and the person listening will somehow understand! hahaha! i was able to memorize the whole Will You Prepare for Baptism paragraph as well in portugues!
friday - we taught our investigator about prayer today! If you want your prayer to be effective, you have to make it a wrestle before God like it says in the book of Enos. Ive seen a huge difference as ive prayed more humbly and with less distractions. Played basketball in free time today and met some newbies! One is from Fairmont WV! It was cool to meet someone who lives close by! We have free time every day for an hour
sat - Conference was SAWEET! i really soaked in everything since i took notes! I loved Andersons talk about trials. He said when going through a trial and leaving the church is like leaving a storm shelter when a tornado is coming! hes so right! Trials are so tough sometimes and there seems to be no way out, but the Savior is ALWAYS there with open arms! We had TRC today where you teach a discussion that is video recorded! We did really well! When we did the opening prayer, the investigators held out their hands for the prayer so we just joined in and when we watched the video when we were done, the investigators were cracking up and thumbs upping right at the camera! hahahaha! Elder Allen kept on saying peide...peide...peide (which means i farted) instead of pede (which means i could). hahaha! We didnt understand why they were laughing at first! Everyone told us we did great though and were like man, you and elder allen killed it! they all though we were 5 weekers!
sunday - Conference was great once again! I love talking to the brazilians! theyre hilarious! They love seeing pictures and talking about family!
monday - back to work! conference was a nice break though! Im starting to remember verbs way better which helps my communication a lot! I just need to remember to look in peoples eyes! I tend to look at the ground when i forget something. Our discussion went great tonight! We only had 5 mins to prepare instead of 30 but we killed it!
tuesday - workin hard, but its paying off! We did scenario discussions today one on one! it definitely made me think more without having a comp to lean on! it brought the best out of me though. I did it in all portugues. not perfect, but i did it! Im glad we get along as a companionship, a lot of others dont! I could easily let things that elder allen does annoy me but i remember what my branch pres said, Dont complain. The Spirit thrives in an atmosphere of hard work and christ like love. The brazilians think theyre really funny teasing us about what teresina will be like with snakes and tarantulas!
I love you guys! Ill have more time to email out in the field. i cant send pictures til i get out there either! Hope you all have a great week and read your scriptures and say your prayers! Thanks for all that you do for me! I really appreciate it!
Com Muito Amor,
Elder Larsen

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