Tuesday, December 10, 2013

District Leader...

I´m....dreaming...of a white...christmas, PSH! who am i kidding, its 110 here!! Well well, i´m in Altos finally! i took a little field trip on tuesday when i grabbed the bus. the bus driver passed through altos without even stopping! i looked the other way after a bit and saw "Altos 10 km"! i was in the middle of nowhere!! He finally stopped in Campo maior and i asked him if he passed in altos and he said yes! I told him he didnt even stop!! He was just like, sorry about your luck but you´ll have to grab your luggage and get off my bus.. i was by myself, sweating to death, with all my luggage, and no money.. couldnt get worse huh? i talked to another bus driver from the same company there though going to teresina. he was like, youp´ll have to pay, son. I told him i was a missionary and that i had to get to altos. he took it into consideration and let me on!! So, i´m glad i can negociate with people in another language!! I got to altos and i spotted my companion in an instant. everyone said he looks like harry potter...HE DOES! Elder Massa a goofball, i love him! He´s from Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul close to Porto Alegre. He´s whiter than me! Everyone thinks we´re both americans! He knows a good bit of english as well, so we can converse if needed. i said something in english to him and he was like, "dude, you´re english sucks! you said that with such a brazilian accent!" ahahha! first time i was corrected by a brasilian. he´s been out for 8 months. first companion that ive had thats younger than me. he´s an only child and studied music before the mission. we get along really well. The members here are sweet!! They all say that i speak perfect portuguese and all conversed with me. the bishop here is a STUD, bishop silva. everything he does Very organized and well done. He´s been bishop for 10 years and has helped the ward grow a lot. he goes on divisions every week with the missionaries and organized a movie night every wednesday with a projector in the chapel. he has the FUNNIEST laugh ever as well, literally a mcbride laugh! already had a baptism set for sunday, Homeres. He´s a great guy. Its a very happy, missionary loving area, i like it a lot. What do i have to say about having 2 companionships of sisters in my district? Its actually not annoying, i like it! I wont give my first training until next tuesday though because of zone conference. There´s 2 brasilians, sister pedreira and santos, 1 american, sister mckinney who spent 6 months in nashville waiting but got here last transfer, and sister ramos from bolivia! interesting group! good news is that i here they bring snacks to district meetings! natal está chegando!!
Elder Larsen

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