Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Teaching the Sister Missionaries...

hey hey niños!! good week of work with my broski companion. We had a so so week with all of the meetings we had and with me getting to know the area still. Altos is a funny area, its kinda redneck and backwoods and there are some churches with abbreviations on their signs that cuss words in english! hahaha i´ll send pictures soon. we had interviews with president today. he´s really hastened the work here in the mission. he gave an inspiring training on wednesday about being missionaries of faith and for us to recognize our authority....and use it! we left that meeting with fire in our veins! we are inviting people and making more gutsier promisses as well instead of the basic "if you read and pray, you´ll get an answer". i´m getting used to having a younger companion as well. my companion has always been older than me until now! its gonna be a good experience for me to learn to grab the reins a little more and be more bold. Elder massa a great missionary, he´s still learning, but he´s excited to work. how do i know? the fella walks FAST! its sweet that i can say stuff in english to him during any situation. it makes me wonder what it will be like after the mission to use my secret language! i interviewed someone for the first time on saturday as well, Mikou, who the sisters baptized. He´s a 20 year old guy that looks like the fella on the movie, THe Blind Side. Big fella! it was a spiritual event, i liked it a lot. alot of missionaries read the questions word for word in the interview, but i made it more of a conversation with him. I like being district leader, there´s way more responsibility, but more fun. on christmas, we´re gonna skype from the chapel because it has the best connection...and air conditioning! crazy, this will be my last christmas in the mission! its coming up fast! we organized to do a presentation in front of the city as well about the church. they´re doing this 12 days of christmas thing with groups that will present things, so should be interesting! president saw our teaching group today has a lot of girls...he was like, elders, i know you guys are handsome and all, but you need to find more men! hahaha! 

Elder Larsen

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