Thursday, May 22, 2014

2 Baptisms!!

Hey yall!!! We had a good week here. A lot of running around. We had 2 baptisms this week: Rayssa who´s 20 and a boy named Matheus. We´ve been preparing them these last 2 weeks. It was such a rush to get their baptism ready because bishop didnt give us a key to the baptismal font here. He called everyone but nobody answered!! Finally we got ahold of the 1st counselor Hamon and he helped us out! Him and his family have helped us out a lot since i´ve gotten here. The baptism went very well...Matheus´ parents were there to watch it. His dad is an inactive and his mom is starting to investigate the church. We got to teach them after and it went great! his mom wants to be baptized. We will mark their marriage this thursday so that she can be baptized! We´ve been teaching another young man that i made a contact with, joao guilherme. he´s 14 and very intelligent! he understood so well everything that we taught. We had a talent show in the chapel on friday and he came with us! It was a lot of fun! They invited me and my comp to dance so we had our minute to shine ! hahahah!
I´m eating SO much here in this area, but i burn every calorie walking...its so big here! I´ve yet to see the ocean, but we will go there i think next p day. the members here are liking us a lot, which is good, because the last missionaries that were here really werent that wonderful. I love our district here. We take care of the 2 companionships of sisters in Maiobão. They crack me up! So...we went 2 days straight this week without water in our apartment...we called president to see if we could move and he gave us permission. We went looking for houses for rent yesterday but couldnt find ANY!!! the only ones we found are SO expensive!
I like the ward a lot here, just one thing...bishop is not a big fan of the missionaries...and never was. i will be sending some really cool pictures when i go to old town sao luis. 
Elder Larsen

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