Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Last Call Home...

HEY FAM!! Crazy that i had my last call with you guys on sunday!! Everyone (especially the kids) is so different!! First time we had good internet to call, so that was a miracle! I´m learning to love the area here. Every area in the mission has its ups and downs. I feel like this area has a lot of potential to bring a lot of members back. I looked at the list of members with my comp and there are about 600!! Our biggest downfall is HOW to find them! For every neighborhood here, there are 3 roads with the SAME name! We went walking in circles like crazy looking for an address but just ended up getting lost. We´re relying a lot on making contacts in the street right now and working close to the chapel. I´m really being tested right now, but it´ll go fine. We had district meeting on went swell. The sisters are awesome in our district AND they dont whine...which is good! There are 3 brasilians and i peruvian. Once again, i´m the only american! Today we´re gonna go to the mall and chill in the air conditioning for a bit :) This friday, the ward will be having a talent show at the church.....and they asked me to sing! hahahah! but what song?! first ones that came to mind were: 1. the national anthem 2. i will always love you - whitney houston 3. oh holy night - josh groban hahahaha! Well, wish me luck! I love yins! Have a great week!
Elder Larsen

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