Friday, June 27, 2014

Still lots of Work to do!!

HEY! well, what an interesting week! First sunday that i´m here in caxias, they give me the manual to teach the priests quorum! hahaha we teach all 3 hours here practically! I will have to speak at least one time a month here as well. WE had an attendance of 33 this week! One thing cool about being in a little town again is that everyone looks at you like a superhero and everyone stops to talk to you. Honestly speaking, 20% of the population knows the church here. Bad part, there´s nothing to do here! hahahah on pday i just sleep and eat because i live with 3 nerds! They all play like yugioh cards whenever they free time. And they always speak english when they´re together. Then they come crying to me later saying that nobody understands their portuguese. My companion gave me a few hard times this week. He´s quite stubborn and doesnt like to be told anything. He gets mad that i speak well and he doesnt. So i speak portuguese 24/7 trying to help him and he gets mad and tells me to speak english so he can learn. Good news though is that we have a lot of good people to teach who really have a strong desire to be members. The branch president and i have already made a good relationship. He´s a good, humble guy that has good ambitions. I hope i can make a difference here, but i got a lot of weight on my shoulders right now. I read the conference talk from elder bednar this week that gave me a lot of comfort. He says that our load gives us more spiritual friction and thats not a bad thing! Many people think that true happiness is the state of doing absolutely nothing. I´m happy that president siedschlag has confidence in me and wants to test me. The branch here has a lot of maturing to do. WE arent just teaching investigators, but members as well! The members have so much to learn as well. we are thinking of starting a class on saturdays to teach on how to give talks, how to sing hymns, etc. we had zone conference on friday, it was really good! I slept at the staff house. Elder Steed and Elder Beraldi are living there, i talked with them forever! Then when we got back from the meeting, i saw elder machado there who i trained! he and his companion are in teresina with problems in the tendons! I talked with him for a while! he´s in parnaíba 3 where i started! I have a few trunky thoughts here and there, but i´m hanging on still! Got lots of work to do!
Love yall,
Elder Larsen
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