Thursday, June 19, 2014

Transferred to Caxias!

Heyy family! Well, i´m starting on my last 12 weeks of the mish! I got the crazy suprise of transfers on monday that i was heading to Caxias! I was quite sad to leave São Luís, i liked it a lot there! Just when things were getting comfortable, the Lord sent me to another place! ;) I´ll miss elder de jesus a lot, i hit it off with him...he´s a goofball! I´ll miss the sisters a lot as well, especially now that it´s just elders in my district! 90% of the mission changed this transfer! It was really crazy! Caxias is a tough challenge that president gave me! I feel like i left Vinhais a lot better than it was before though....the members were more excited, we found a new house closer to the chapel and area of work, we got  a ward mission leader, and we baptized! I traveled with a lot of elders and sisters that were heading to teresina. Nobody was really happy with the transfer, but just go with it! I´m gonna be finishing off the mission skinny.....with only 30 members here, lunch isnt an everyday thing....My companion is Elder Gauthier from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He´s a good missionary, he got here 2 transfers ago, after serving 2 transfers in california waiting his visa. The other 2 elders are shepard from chicago, and elder nessen from north carolina. The 3 are big we´ll see how this goes! It´s been chill so far. The house here is very nice! we watched the brasil game yesterday at the branch president´s house. Really nice guy, he loved me! Couldnt believe that i was american! I´m excited for the adventure that i have here to finish off the mission. It´ll be different, but vamos lá! 
Love you guys.
Elder Larsen

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  1. hola Elder por esas cosas de Bendiciones, lo encontré, bueno soy Hna Espinoza mi hijo llegó a teresina el martes 16, Elder Espinoza, aún no se nada de él pero sin duda se que nuestro padre lo acompaña a todos lados, espero logre concer a mi hijo, le de un abrazo de nuestra parte y que le amamos, mucho,,,, ha sido un agrado ver sus historias, muy buenas y con mucho aprendizaje.. abrazos desde Chile.... gracias, :)