Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This is the only true and living gospel...

hey family! This week was very good. We started giving our friday night leadership trainings in the chapel last week. Me and Elder Shepard prepared an awesome training about "how to teach a sunday school class". We based it off the talk of elder mckonkie of the general sunday school presidency. I felt like it made a difference on sunday. The classes were a lot more vigorous and upbeat. A lot were just reading from the manual. Friday morning we did a DEEP CLEAN of the chapel. There was some green moss growing on the concrete. I sprayed some bleach, got on my knees and scrubbed the crap outta that concrete! I´ve learned to love cleaning the church...something i learned from dad, the all-star church weeder and snow-plower! hahaha! Saturday was DinĂ¡´s baptism....went very well! I had the pleasure of baptizing her....the water was SO cold! flip! i feel bad for her who was completely immersed! we are working a lot now close to where her and her sisters live. There´s a lot of good people to teach that live close to them. Sunday was the world cup final....lets just say that Brasil felt COMPLETELY satisfied that Argentina lost on their home soil! So funny, everyone here thinks that we´re we play it off and say that we are. But if they throw a soccer ball at us...they´ll quickly know that we´re american. We´re gonna make one sick pizza for lunch today, us 4! I´m excited! I´m grateful for the things that i am still learning here in the mission. Its a test until the last minute. One thing i´ve been totally convinced of in this time is that i can never doubt that the church is true. Too many things indicate that this is the only true and living gospel on the face of the earth. I´ve developed so many talents and qualities through this divine calling that also leaves me no doubt. the church is true!
I love you all!
Elder Larsen

 bring it caxias!!
  my buddy elder puggina!
 Our Study Room... Mine is on the orange wall... 
 Bombs Away! 

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