Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ups & Downs...

hey meu povo! sad day here in brasil!! Yesterday we watched the game with some recent converts and investigators. I felt the sadness of everyone in the stadium through the tv! It was so weird that i felt like a brasilian citizen watching that game! It was like my own country losing! Well, at least brasilians are very positive people. They wont be sad for long. I think all of the women are glad to have their husbands back now! hahaha they were all glued on the tv! I´m rooting for the netherlands now. Brasil will play again saturday for 3rd place. This week was a wonderful week of work! We will have a baptism on saturday of Diná who´s 19. She chose me to baptize her! I´m happy to jump in the water! We have been teaching a REALLY good family Antonio, rosilene, and nathalia, but the women were the only ones going to the activities at the church. Antonio always dropped them off but left! Sunday they ALL came to church! SO AWESOME! This week i went on a division with Elder Puggina (ZL), that lived with me in parnaíba. It was awesome teaching with him! We lit up Caxias! People came up to us making contacts with least 10! WE taught antonio´s family as well and invited them to be baptized and they accepted! Miracle! I learned a lot with him. I respect elder puggina a lot....he´s a great example and always looks to serve others. They are a family that could change everything in the branch here! They have a car too! nobody here has one! We are going to start giving training here every friday about everything...ex: how to give a talk, how to teach a class, how to sing hymns, how to play piano, etc. Its gonna strengthen the branch a lot more! They´re eager to learn. Well, thats about all of our news!
LOve you guys!
Elder Larsen

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