Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hard Work Pays Off....

Hey yall! Crazy how every week i have such little time left here! Congrats to Clyde and Jess! Archer´s a cute little guy. Takes after his uncle well. This week went very well. We are following up on a lot of people! We invited a lot of people to see the baptism on saturday....almost nobody came...but out of nowhere, one of our families, Sandra and Marcio came with their 2 kids! They loved it and participated very well! They werent one of our priorities to teach before, but now they sure are! The only problem that we have with our families that we´re teaching is that they all travel a lot. its tough to find them at home and hard for them to be at home on weekends! The group of youth we are teaching are doing good. There are 4 especifically that are progressing more than the others. We are teaching a college student as well that is really coming around well. She left an offer to go to some program at the college to come to church on sunday! So, when we were walking in the road the other day, we were glued to the wall as always to be in the shade, i smacked my head on a steel bar that stuck out of a house! I thought i just pulled a dad and that i would just shake it off....then i touched my head and it was gushing blood all over the place! My companion got really freaked out and ran me over to the hospital to get it treated. First time i went to the hospital in the mission! The lady that took care of me kept on calling me sugar and beloved! kkkk made me laugh! Sure hurt like none other! Good thing i got my tetanus shot as well! That thing was rusty! Our recent converts are doing extremely well! Natália is already gonna give a talk this sunday about gratefulness! She showed us what she prepared....its legit! Looked a lot better than what old members do! We gave her some tips on how to give a good talk. This is something that i learned in the mission! Before the mission, my talks were just a story in the Ensign and then i´d bear my testimony! hahahah! Everything´s going swell here though. The leaders are really happy with our work here. The attendance has a constant growth every week!
Love you all!
Elder Larsen
People do anything to stay cool
My District

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