Friday, August 29, 2014

The Book of Mormon is True, Jesus Lives!

Hey Fam!! What a week! We had great success this week as a district. we brought 13 investigators to church on sunday!! we broke a record! ahha! There´s been a continual growth here in the branch....from when i got here with 28 to 45 now! We will have 2 baptisms on saturday, Tita and Josy. Tita is a lady who´s been taught for a while now. Her husband is a member (ward secretary as well) in Cuiabá...he comes home in december! He will help a lot here. She finally came to a conclusion to be baptized! Josy had been taught before as well, liked the church, but didnt really grasp it before. We kept on persisting with her and she has come around! She will be an awesome member! Super intelligent. Elder Rodgers actually was the one who started teaching her! 
We had a funny lesson this week with a man named Claudio. I asked him, "what do you know about jesus christ?" he was like," well i can tell you her cured like crazy! he did it very quietly though. When he cured the diseased he said, "be cured, and shut up!"" hahahahahah! i died! so much funnier in portuguese. Honestly, i think this last transfer of mine is being one of the best of my mission. We´ve been working our tails off, but having fun along the way as well! I love this country! i´m gonna miss it a lot! Its so wild that i´ve been here for 2 years!! Who would´ve guessed that i would survive?! Skinny little twirp that was scared of his own shadow before! The church is true, the book of mormon is true, jesus lives!
hahaha love you all!
Elder Larsen

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