Thursday, September 4, 2014


"I´M COMING HOME, I´M COMING HOME, TELL THE WORLD THAT I´M COMING HOME!".......QUE LOUCURA!!! I´m a week away from being called a returned missionary!!! Dang i´m getting old... hahahah! I don´t even know where to start to explain this grand, 2 year experience. All i know is that it was definately 2 years that i needed. I never felt so happy and joyful and at the same time i had moments that were so depressing and lonely. I just know that Heavenly Father exists and that He loves me personally and chose me to represent His son, Jesus Christ. What an honor it was to have His name on my chest for 2 years! I am so happy for the change that i have made in my life. I will never forget the love that i felt teaching these people here and the wonderful conversions that i have seen along the way. I know that the mission was a time for me to understand more the atonement of jesus christ. It was not easy at all, but i learned to embrace it! I have such a deep love and conviction for Brasil and its people. I felt really grateful and blessing as a bore my testimony in my last zone meeting yesterday! I can´t believe how i even survived these 2 years being that i threw up for any little thing before the mission! (i went 2 years without throwing up one time!) hahaha! Heavenly father has really blessed me with good health and ability to overcome sickness and injuries quickly in this time! The zone meeting yesterday was really good! All of the elders that bore their testimonies with me were very sincere as well, it was so spiritual. I know the Lord has put me with every companion that i´ve had up until now for specific reasons. I´m glad for all of the wonderful friendships that i´ve made as well. I´m really grateful for my last companion. Elder Alves. What a humble, selfless guy he is. He always offers me things of his and is always looking to serve his companion. I really have learned a lot with him. It´s one of the principal reasons why we have had a lot of success. Love the guy!
So this week was awesome!! On saturday we had a baptism, of Tita! She was so was really a great meeting! i had the honor of baptizing her! Josy was supposed to be baptized on saturday too....but she was feeling a lot of pressure from her family and friends. We invited her to just come watch tita´s baptism. So she came and watched and really liked it. Later, right before we were going to sleep, we got a call.....Josy! She asked if she could be baptized the next day!!! What a miracle!! she was baptized after sacrament meeting!! what great people and leaders that we are baptizing here!! I love Caxias and these people! I´m happy with the way that i´m going out!! 
Well, i´ll be hugging you all here in a week!! We´ll see if you recognize a skinny, burnt up, elder! hahaha THE CHURCH IS TRUE! EU AMO BRASIL, DEUS VÓS GUARDE! PESERVEREI ATÉ O FIM!!
Elder Larsen
 Last Zone Meeting
 The Guys going home!  oliveira, me, beraldi, and antonio
 "boi" museum!!
 I found a Taco Bell! haha

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  1. Since my brother, elder Riquelme, was called to serve in Teresina I follow Elder Larsen's blog, and it was truly inspirational. I also made a blog with my brother's experiences, and hopefully it will motivate or at least inform about the mission field in that part of the world. For us, almost every post helped to know where elder Riquelme was going. Thanks elder Larsen, we can realize you were a great missionary and a blessing for everyone in your areas.