Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Raining... It's Pouring...

BOM DIA YÁLL!! I forgot my journal to write about the week, but i will try to remember what happened! I will be sending a CD next week too with all of my pictures on it. And FELIZ ANNIVERSARIO BROCKY BOY! cant believe he is 3!! The kids are looking so much older in every picture! I died at the picture of Khloe especially with the batman mask! hahhaha! It was a productive week here this week! We are really changing this area up!

For New Years we all went to the Zone Leaders house and had a Churrasco! The mission pres didnt want us out during this time because Brasilians love to party and get loco! Its fun being with all of the other missionaries there. My Portugues accent is better than all of the americans here the brasilians in my house said. 
Not a ton happened this week, just normal teaching and proseltying. Its starting to get hard thinking in english! Everyone says you get to a point where you dont know a ton of Portugues and you forget youre pretty much dumb as bricks for a period of time! hahah! We had zone conference on friday and it really pumped all of us up! Our goal this week is to contact 10 men per day, 5 of them be new  investigators, and bring 5 men to sacrament meeting. If we do this, we get X-men t shirts with our names on them! Except brasilians say (Shees-men) which sounds like Shes a man! hahha! The main focus here is to find leaders and priesthood holders. This area is so weak in terms of leaders. The leaders in a ton of branches are only 18 or 19. Its a tough job here and theyre really challenging us, but its accomplishable. We just need more help from the members here! After Zone conf i went on divisions with Elder Luz. He arrived here the same day as me. We went to his area and taught 4 lesson and made 10 contacts! The young bucks got stuff done! It was really good because we split the time in our teaching so equally! I enjoyed working with him. It DOWNPOURED on us today though! It rained 2 days straight here and it really came down!! I was completely soaked. Not one cm of my clothes were dry. I had no extra clothes either when i went to spend the night at ZL House. The DL went with my comp and interviewed Ana Vitoria for baptism! It went well and she will be baptized this saturday! She chose me to baptize as well!
We brought 3 investigators to church on sunday and the other dupla brought 3 as well! We had a ton of less actives come as well!! My first week here, there were 48 people here. Today, there were 84!!! We only need an attendance of 90 or more for 3 month straight to start building a new chapel here! The Church  already bought a huge plot of land here on the avenue! Theyre just waiting for the attendance! Its cool we´re really making a difference here! 
We got news on transfers this morning! Im staying here in Parnaiba with Elder Nakazoni and Elder Antonio will stay as well! Elder Leite is off to Timon! One of the toughest areas of the mission! And he will train for the first time! He´s crazy nervous though! I really would like to train next transfer! I feel  more and more comfortable with the language every day! Lately, ive been teaching a lot of the families in our area english! Its a lot of fun, especially hearing them pronounce! The "TH" sound is literally impossible for them. And the word "World". I´m excited about the work here! Time´s really starting to fly as well! 
-Elder Larsen

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