Monday, January 28, 2013

Lazy Race Cars....

I live another week! Things are going well here, but we could always do better. Its hard when your companion has no drive. its like i´m pulling a truck thats stuck in park. He´s always "tired" and tells me i´ll be the same way when ive been out for the same time as him. We havent had a group of younger missionaries come through yet. probably will be a few more months. Our mission might be increasing in missionaries though with the large amounts of applications coming in. We are at 60 companionships of elders right now.

We got a golden golden golden reference this week! Its a young couple, Germano and Luiza. When we visited them, they welcomed us in like old friends! They are both very intelligent and interacted a lot in the lessons. The Spirit has really been guiding my tongue on what to say. The next day we went and did service of painting and moving furniture almost the whole day at irmao marcos's house. They fed us breakfast and lunch though! When we were walking back to the apartment we were talking about cars. Its so funny, cars that are grandma cars in the U.S., the brasilians consider to be race cars! They think that the VW Gol is like a Ferrari! I later went on a division with Elder B...he isnt a good teacher..but i had a great opportunity to speak and explain things a lot more clearly in the lessons we taught. Each of the lessons we taught were so specific to each person though, which was good!

The next day we had a few appointments, but they all fell through. The zone leaders came out of nowhere and interviewed us today. In the interviews they found that Elder B had an Ipad. What a joke. He was like, "i didnt even use it" So many brasilians think that a mission is just a cute little vacation. All of the guys in our apartment knew about and didnt say anything either and didnt tell me. In my interview the ZL told me that i really have to live every rule to the dot and be an example. Its so hard to get these guys to work, theyre just satisfied with whatever. They look at me like i'm crazy when i say "lets go".

We had about the same attendance at church this week because all of our investigators bailed out last second. I sat by ana vitoria and their family and the little boy, Pedro, leaned over and whispered to me, "Hey ! when are you guys coming over again? Its been a week! I miss you guys!" ahaha we used to pass by their house almost every day before ana vitoria was baptized but now its just once and a while! We had lunch at , Irmao Valcedio´s house today which is literally like walking from the police station in wintersville until 100 degree weather, BUT we got lucky because he used his mom´s car to pick us up and drop us off!! last time....we walked..both ways. Thats about it this week yall!
-Elder Larsen

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