Monday, January 21, 2013

Teaching Away....

STILL ALIVE! Everything is going great here. Our baptism for last saturday got moved to this saturday because the family was out of town in Fortaleza. Our district meetings are every tuesday and this time me and elder nakazoni taught for the first time. We taught about the importance of carrying a book of mormon with you always. I taught the whole first 20 minutes and elder nakazoni taught the next bit. We planned it out really well and showed great examples with practices as well. I really taught myself more than anything in this lesson! We didnt have a ton of lessons on tuesday because a ton of them fell through, but we had this 90 yr old lady from the branch, Irma Quaresma, called us over to teach her. A lot of members here like to be taught because they dont have a deep knowledge of the gospel. It was so funny, she rambled for 2 hours about her entire 90 yrs of life! And then she pulled out 2 hymn books and asked us to sing for her....2 hymns!! And elder nakazoni cant sing...yikes. We had training with President siedschlag wednesday and interviews as well. He was one of the big guns for the company Wizard before the mission and really stressed to us to teach more of what the church offers and sell it like a product! In my interview he was really really impressed with my portugues and hinted to me that "i will be leading soon"...i dont know what soon means....a few months or next transfer?! We went to subway afterwards! It was unexplainable how good it was! Felt like i was in the US!! 

Went on a division with the ZL in his area on thursday but we ended up not doing a lot because one of the other elders there was really sick, so we passed time with them in the hospital...or should i say, "hospital". hahah! We made a lot of great contacts this week! We found a lady who was an old investigator and started teaching her again! She is so excited about us teaching thing though..she cant read! We will just read with here though in lessons. We taught a pastor this week too! It wasnt even a bible bash either! We actually taught him and gave him a book of mormon and will return! Ive really found lately that i can communicate so much better when i relax. Every time i get nervous, i lose my train of thought and end up just repeating what i say. Since our branch doesnt have a ton to offer as well, we decided to organize an activity for this friday for the YSA. The branch in general hasnt had an activity of any sort in YEARS! we´re changing stuff up here in Parnaiba! Thats about it for this week! 

Abra├žo por todos voces!!!
- Elder Larsen

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  1. Elder Larson looks great! Keep up the good work!!