Monday, February 4, 2013

Someone speaks ENGLISH!!!

BOM DIA! was a wayyy better week here working wise for us. We made
contacts with 2 great families monday night! Afterwards we went to
visit this less active lady close to the church. She opens her door
after we imagine a 65ish year old lady thats practically
wearing a hospital gown backwards... almost threw up everywhere!
Anyway we opened with a prayer and Elder Nakazoni´s phone went off so
he closed the prayer real quick, but Irma Antonia kept her eyes shut!
She finally opened them 15 minutes later and was like, "Oh! i thought
you guys left tot attend your phone call, i kept my eyes shut and
waited!" hahaha she didnt hear Amen! Tuesday was a great day for us as
well! We only made contacts with families the whole day! We made our
job easier and worked close to the chapel! We met one guy, 60ish,
named Martins. He opened the door and looked me up and down and just
started speaking fluent english out of nowhere!! My jaw dropped! I
didnt even know how to respond! NOBODY speaks english here! He let us
in and was like i just want to talk with you guys, i dont want any
religious crap....5 minutes later we were talking about the book of
mormon! He is such an intelligent guy! We had a little friendly Bible
bash with him as well, with him being catholic. Every time we
encounter this situation, we always use the scripture in Ephesians
that says that the Church of Jesus Christ is built on the foundation
of prophets and apostles...nowhere it talks about popes in the bible.
we was really open and accepted what we taught! Later we showed the
restoration dvd to Germano and Luisa. They loved it! German thanked us
saying This is the kind of stuff i like! Now it all makes sense!
Reading doesnt keep my attention. hahaha! DVDs are such great
resources that we have! We use them almost every day! Wednesday every
appointment fell through, but we found a bunch of inactive families!
We have a list to choose from....400 less actives in our branch. We
have really been working on just getting the confidence of people
first before throwing lessons at them! Thursday was about the same
thing. Friday we had our activity with young adults! We had about 15
show up which is really good! Nobody knows how to set up activities or
anything! The church is SO new here. We´re trying to leave an
impression on this area. It was really fun though, we had a spiritual
thought, hymns, and a ping pong tournament! Which i won! Saturday went
to a reference literally 1000 miles away! and when we finally found it
after asking for directions from hobos, nobody was home. We just
visited and taught more less actives after. Sunday was a little
disappointing, only 1 investigator came. EVERYBODY goes to the beach
on sunday here! its so difficult...we really did our part teaching and
working diligently this week and nobody came. These people just need
to sacrifice a little bit! I bore my testimony for the first time
though! I spoke without a stutter! Later on we visited an investigator
that we´ve been teaching and out of nowhere we find out that his
daughter is a member of 5 years! Crazy! We gave her a new Book of
Mormon and taught them both!

Thats about it this week yall! I´m out!


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