Monday, February 11, 2013

Carnaval Time!!

Heyyo!! Eventful week here in Par to the naiba! Tuesday we got things started off with a Zone conference....about planning. blah. that started at 8 in the morning and went until.....8 at night!!!! Was one long day..but we had Subway for lunch!!! You guys wouldnt believe what i ate! The boy who always got just turkey on his sandwich ate 2 footlong sandwiches with LITERALLY EVERYTHING ON IT! Olives, tomatoes, you name it! it was good to eat something other than beans and rice! This was the first day in the mission that i went without beans and rice! The APs were there and they asked one elder from each companionship to explain their situations with investigators and areas and i explained ours! They were really impressed with how i spoke!
Wednesday we visited a TON of less actives! One family is really cool, Irma Socorro. She is married with one daughter, Lara, who is a member as well. Her husband and son, Vinicius, arent members. Our plan going in was mainly to just break ice with them because the whole family is really timid...which is weird for brasilians! hahah! We really got to know their family really well! I was a great tool in breaking the ice because Lara and her friend, who is literally Lacey in 8th grade but flirtier, asked me how to say words, especially words to songs in ingles! They giggled literally after everything i said! hahaha! They asked me to say i love you in english at least 16 times. ahhaha! We watched England vs Brasil in soccer there as well! It was really cool! I guess I will be rivaled with Clyde from now on! We planned a family home evening with their family for this next week! Thursday was more visiting of less actives.. we taught Martins again in the morning at 7 AM in the chapel. He has great intentions, but DANG the guy likes to talk! We were there until 12! hahah! Friday we made a formal list of inactives and went tracking for them! and when i say list...i mean LIST! We could have 3 big wards with the amount of less actives we have! Sadly, its a result mainly because of missionaries before that just baptized after one lesson just for numbers. Whoa baby, Brasil is in FULL FORCE for Carnaval! There was a CARAVAN of people heading to the beach! Its seriously reckless! We have to be in the house by 6 pm these 4 days! There were freakin old ladies in tutus saturday morning giving booty calls to us! They believe that God doesnt look for one week! hahaha oh my oh my.... Anyway we had a BAPTISM saturday of a young lady named, Betania! She was taught by the missionaries here before and her husband is already a member! They came here for her baptism because they will be starting a group where they live in Sao Bernardo, Maranhao. They come to our branch once a month! It was so cool to be a part of the baptism! Especially because her husband was the one who baptized her! Sunday she was confirmed as well here! We didnt have much success sunday teaching people...its seriously crazy here! We did find one guy, Francisco who knows two ym in the Church! We taught him and he was so chill with us! Theres so many young people here who dont know what theyre doing with their lives. The Gospel literally is the only answer to happiness. Being a member of the Church doesnt mean you have a free pass to heaven without trials or anything. Being a member means you are a disciple of Jesus Christ and you are more responsible, but with this responsibility comes blessings that only come according to your faith. I know this to be truth because of the way i feel when i testify of these things every day. I'm not here in Brazil to fool around in a different country,  i'm here literally as a representative of Jesus Christ on a mission to bring the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ to people. Thats about it for the week yall!
Com Amor
Elder Larsen

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