Monday, February 18, 2013

Down Pour....

Olá Todo Mundo!! Was a great week here in Parnaiba. sorry about email last week, there was a huge storm that knocked all the power out! Transfers tomorrow! I´m going to.....stay here in Parnaiba! Still with Elder Nakazoni still. He has really changed a lot as well. We´re working really well together. He will be a lot more responsible now as well because he got called as district leader. I was hoping to go to a different area, but i guess God has a purpose for me here! We have a lot of people close to baptism here so it should be eventful! Dang, i am so glad Carnaval is over. It was impossible to sleep with noise in the street and alarms every night! Its seriously the holiday of satan! Tuesday was a busy day! I gave a blessing with out asking for help with words for the first time! The gift of tongues is really kickin in! I´ve really been studying the language harder than ever lately and its really paying off! Wednesday we passed by Irma Quaresma and gave her daughter a blessing because she´s been going through a really rough time with divorce and all. She asked me to give the blessing and i did it without a stutter! I feel confident in speaking almost anything now! Afterward we were talking with her sons and one, Jorge, loves basketball! I was talking NBA with him and everything...finally i found someone that likes something outside of soccer! He asked me if i could dunk before the mission, and heck yeah i said YES!....he didnt ask what height the hoop was ;) Thursday we did a service project at an investigator´s house! We put up an entire roof for a little market he has in front of his house! It was a first time for me, but i learned fast! Elder Nakazoni was a pansy boy and wouldnt go on the roof, but he handed me tiles! Friday we walked FOREVER to appointments but every single one of them fell through! Its tough when you do everything you can on your part and nothing goes right some days! Saturday had an appointment in the school of english for me to go help teach but it fell through because the professor was sick! The rest of the day was good though after! We hosted a family home evening in irma socorro´s house with her family and got everyone involved! We played a game after called Rato e Gato where you have a circle of people and 2 ties (rato e gato) one is the rat and one is the cat. The person has to tie one knot for the rat and 2 for the cat and pass it. When the cat catches the rat, that person goes to the middle of the circle and has to unravel chocolates with only a fork and knife until the rat is caught by the cat again and then switch! Its funny because someone could eat one chocolate or 20! Sunday we only had 1 investigator come! Literally everyone goes to the beach on sunday here! I gotta find a way to close it down! haha! Later we visited a young man that elder nakazoni baptized that wasnt in church today. We taught his mom as well who is not a member the plan of salvation and she soaked in everything! When we were leaving, it DOWNPOURED! so we ran under the porch of a house! A man came out and saw us and offered for us to come in! We sat down with him and his family and literally, he asked every question of a dream investigator! Receptive as all get out! We left a book of mormon with them and will go back thursday! Seriously, most receptive people i´ve met so far!!
In our mission here i havent heard too much of people getting sick, especially in our area. You just have to be smart and drink a ton of water, clean water. I would like a new water bottle with a filter though. One with a bigger straw, its hard to suck water out of the one i have now. And for the next box that you guys send, can you send some Church films? Especially ones that have portugues translation! I love to watch them when i get a chance!
Well, duty calls!
Love yins!!
- Elder Larsen

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