Monday, February 25, 2013


OPA!! COMO VOCES ESTAO?! Was a GREAT week here in PNUBS!! Just when i told you guys ive never been sick in the mission last week, 2 days later i get explosive diarrhea! My gosh, the worst of my life! It was seriously the most miserable 2 days! But anyway, just one of us got transferred here, elder bisognin. The new elder here is Elder Vepo. Hes from Florianopolis and is a really chill guy. He knows quite a bit of english but talks like a robot when he speaks it! He was really impressed with my Portugues. Now that training is over, we really focused on the work this week! We found 31 new investigators this week and 11 families!! We seriously went at it! I feel the most satisfied that ive ever felt in the mission. We met one guy, Vidal, who was working on fencing and gave him a Book of mormon. He almost cried and said that it was the best present he´s ever received in his life! Later on we were tracking and stopped by a house, and straight up homosexual comes out in a speedo and tells us to wait one second and went back into the house. Me and elder nakazoni looked at each other, nodded, and ran! hahah! We had a blitz in our area wednesday! It was a great success! I went with Elder Lied the ZL. It went really well, i learned a lot from him. The guy is intelligent as all get out! After the blitz we went and taught the family of Pedro and Lucia who let us into their house when it was raining and it went so well! We talked a good while with Pedro beforehand. He is so similar to dad! He´s just a hardworking guy, 55, and his mom passed away when he was 6 as well. We taught ALL of his family together afterwards, and they all loved it! They had been reading and praying as well before our lesson! NOBODY does this! All of the kids were involved in the lesson as well! Usually little kids will take off in the middle of the lesson, but they stayed! Pedro thanked us both, and gave us a big ol hug after! Thursday we visited Ana vitoria! Its so funny, she gets so bashful around us!  Later on, we taught this young lady, Luani. She is solid! She was loving everything we taught and asked about when church starts and everything before we even mentioned it! Saturday the other elders had a baptism! It was funny though, because Juliene chose Elder Nakazoni to baptize her! We never even taught her! hahaha! We raced around to invite investigators to the baptism and we got one to come, Livramento! She loved it! She definitely took a big step forward in progress! After the baptism we had the same annoying begger that wants money for beer approach us, but this time i took him on with a different approach. I only responded in English and acted like i didnt know Portugues! hahaha he had no clue what to do! Sunday, we had 85 in sacrament meeting! A huge growth from 60 last week! I´m starting to become better friends with everyone in the branch now that im understanding better! After church we had monthly planning. blah! We went to an investigator, Francisco, after and we was crazy drunk! We still taught him and suprisingly he understood everything and was responding correctly! He invited us to watch him kill a pig this saturday and put it on a rotisserie! hahah why not! I´m loving the mission! Theres no place better to be right now! We have a ton of work and a ton of baptisms to have this month! I miss you guys!
Se Cuida!
- Elder Larsen

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