Monday, March 4, 2013

Letters are GOLD!!

BOM DIA GENTE!! Times flyin! Coming up on 6 months! I finally got the packages you sent today as well! Holy poop i wont be dying anytime soon! Had a good week here. Tuesday we taught Luani again but this time she had a twin that came out of nowhere, Laiani as well! We taught them the plan of salvation with little drawings that someone gave elder nakazoni and they loved it, but most importantly understood everything! I decided to draw my own as well and go get them laminated! We went to teach Pedro as well later, but he was leaving as we arrived, but he stopped grabbed a 2 liter pop and a huge bag of cookies and gave it to us! Its crazy how people that have nothing give you everything! We went to his house again the next day took took Brendo with us, recent convert 17 yrs old. It was awesome because we involved him a ton and they loved his testimony! The young men in our ward are always willing to go with the missionaries. Thursday we went with another boy, mateus who´s 16, the whole day and showed him what missionary work is! We stopped by Antonio Carlos and Jascinta and gave Antonio Carlos a Book of mormon and he accepted it and was like i will read this book word for word without hesitating! He is crazy religious and goes to church like 5 times a week! Later on we went to Pedro and Lucia and showed the restoration dvd! Afterward they offered us dinner! NOBODY offers dinner here! Heck yes, we accepted as well. Seriously, there really arent bad people here, theyre just pretty dang lazy. Its really hard to motivate them. It was cool to involve MAteus a lot and show him what we do every day. It was a great testimony builder for him i think. He saw so many aspects of missionary work in one day, blessings, less actives, investigators, etc! Friday was Zone conf, blah. Just about planning! the day was filled with cancelled appointments but we found a good family at night, Ricardo and Jascinta and his sister Marcia. The grandma left as soon as we approached them and told us that she´s catholic and that she hates us! hahaha but everyone else was cool with us! we had a meeting with president siedschlag sat morning and he says he loves the work we´re doing here. He said our area was the worst area of the mission and that it has a terrible name for missionaries because of the ones who passed here before. Its our job to change the name of missionaries and gain confidence of the members. We taught antonio carlos later and when we started he was like, guys the book of mormon´s not for me. Its written completely different than the bible. I asked him if he even read it for himself and he was like, I said how are you supposed to know if you havent read pondered and prayed? He went to a preacher and of course they told him this. He recommitted himself and we cleared a lot of questions when we taught the restoration. Its crazy how all of the answers about the restoration, plan of salvation, commandments are all found in the bible itself! With the book of mormon as well, theres no doubt! We had 0 investigators in sacrament meeting on sunday. its so confusing, when we do everything we should do and work our butts off in 100 degree weather and nobody does anything. The people here are so laid back...too laid back! i gotta find a way to excite them, but the church here doesnt have activities! What makes it even harder is that church starts at 8 am! Nobody wants to get up that early! Our area had some big changes! The other elders were transferred to the center of parnaiba and now just me and elder nakazoni are over all of this area of ours and theirs! Its pretty much like all of steubenville and wintersville! I hope presidente will give us bikes our something because we got some major walking to do! Thanks so much for the packages and letters! Everything i get in the mail is like gold! I always thought missionaries were crazy for saying letters are their lives, but its true! 
Stay safe yall!
Elder Larsen

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