Monday, March 25, 2013

Pucker Up!

Hey yall!! I´m staying in Parnaíba another transfer! With elder nakazoni still! hahah i guess president likes us here! It will be another short transfer here though of 5 weeks. Next transfer is april 25! We´re primed for a baptismal transfer right now! We have 2 dates set already and 5 more that are dang close! This week was a blur! Tuesday we taught Fabio. He´s 22 and dates a member in the branch. He´s such a chill, genuine guy and loves everything about the church. He´s very intelligent as well and had a lot of questions about the restoration, so we taught everything to him very clear and detailed. we set a baptismal date for him april 13th! Wednesday i went on a division with elder vepo in his area. Its funny he´s quite a bit younger than me, but has been out as long as elder nakazoni. It was a cool experience teaching with him though. He´s still pretty immature, which gave me an opportunity to teach more. It was the first time i felt like a trainer in the lessons. I was pretty suprised at what i actually know! It was cool proselyting with a guy that has the same energy as me. We didnt stop the whole day. It was funny at the end of the day, he was like,"you know, i really like americans" hahaha! We taught a lot of less actives this week as well. Friday, we got a call at 4 AM from the zone leaders saying that we had to go to Piripiri to do a baptismal interview because they were in sao bernardo! We had to get ready in like 5 minutes as well because the bus was leaving for there soon! Piripiri is in our zone, but 3 hours away! We got there and elder nakzoni went and did the interview with one of the elders there and i went with the other 3! We walked in the noonday sun seriously 10 km! And later on i found that i forgot to put on sunscreen....last time i will forget. Piripiri is the same thing as teresina...oven. We´re lucky in parnaiba with wind! The buses the mission uses are called Guanabara...theyre SWEET! Luxury! Or maybe i´ve just been in the mission for 6 months.. but hey, i´m 1/4 through the mission! I´m gonna burn a tie tonight! Saturday we just went teaching around new people! One girl we met, Jucelia, is 17 and let us in to teach her. It was kinda weird in the living room, the whole family was watching tv, while she was getting taught hhaha! She works as a model in the center! hahah little did i know i would be KISSED the first time in the mission! When we left, elder nakazoni shook her hand first and she gave him a kiss kiss on the cheek out of nowhere! I already saw that i was gonna get the same thing, so just braced myself and stuck my hand out to shake her hand. ....She went right for the lips! I turned right in time so she just got me on the corner! hahaha...FREAK! I´m already an awkward missionary! but at least i can say i was kissed by a model! haha! Sunday it POURED here! Suprisingly though, people got to church by foot, bike, and motorcycle! Our shoes were FILLED with water when we got to church...theres no drains in any of the streets here! Well, thats about it for this week! Love yall a ton!
Elder Larsen

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