Monday, March 18, 2013


Good week here yall! Went on a division with Elder Antonio on tuesday in the center of Parnaiba. It was really good practice for me because he teaches way different! Instead of teaching points back and forth, he had me teach the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ by myself! He said i did really great though. We took a shot at the biggest neighborhood in Parnaiba this week and had 0 success!! These houses are out of your mind, HUGE! never knew Parnaiba even had these houses, theyre tucked in deep. Its funny, we didnt even get a door slammed in our face... we just got rejected by speaker phone! One guy was´m taking a shower right now. Worst excuses ever! We spent the week mainly preparing Lucia for baptism. The ZL´s interviewed her on Friday and everything went smooth as can be! The Zl´s told us that there´s a big group of missionaries coming in this next transfer. This group will be the first group of young missionaries, plus the americans only pass 6 weeks in the Mtc now! Should be interesting....Saturday had Lucia´s baptism! Everything went really well. There were a lot of members there to show support as well too! Afterward we passed by Ana Vitoria´s house. She pulled out papers of music in English from school and had me sing in front of everybody! Hahah! It was packed sunday in sacrament meeting! There were about 85 in sacrament meeting, plus about 45ish in Sao Bernardo to add to our total! The chapel will start construction here pretty soon! I gave all of my thrifty pens out to the young men in church! They went crazy for them! Be careful, mom and dad, you might be having some brazilians calling! hahah! Not a ton of news this week! Will have more next week. Transfers! Carlos A. Godoy of the 70 is coming to our mission on the 17th of april as well!
Se Cuida Yáll!
Elder Larsen
A t-shirt that the youth asked cliff to draw!

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