Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover....

OI!!! TUDO BOM AQUI! Congrats to Jake and Chelsea, you crazy kids! This week was very productive. I have a really good comp that has a fire lit under his butt and can keep up with me! haha! We taught a guy this week that had a huge motorcycle  accident a year ago. he showed us photos and HOLY FETCH....his head was split open to his brain...everything messed up! And today, he is completely fine! He walks normal and everything. He says he owes God one now and that he´s looking for the right religion to follow...and then we arrived..Tada! hahah but he loved everything we taught! We had a family home evening at irma lucia´s house on thursday! We gave the message and focused it on the atonement and missionary work (of course). I represented Jesus (big shoes to fill, i know) and we gave everyone a candy bar. I had to do 5 pushups for every candy bar that someone grabbed to burn their calories for them. We said that some people choose to sin sometimes and others dont, and others sin alot (people that grabbed a ton of candy bars), but regardless, the Savior paid the price for all of our mistakes. I did more than 100 pushups...After one of the leaders, Irmao Euds did an activity where we had a closed shoebox and went around to every person and said, take your anger out on this box over someone you dont like, any way you want. Everyone punched it or put a pen through it, but when it came to me i sat on it and everyone cracked up! He afterward, opened the box and there was apicture of Jesus. He said we have to be careful the way we treat others, because when we are in the service of our fellow men, we are only in the service of our God. We found some sweet families this week as well! We couldnt find a lot of families the last few weeks but now we did! We´ve had trouble bringing investigators to church as well so we fasted and were able to bring 3 young men, all 18 yrs old, to church! We ran around to every house way early in the morning to grab them because church starts at 8! They all liked it though! Everything´s going smooth here though, i really like the guys in our house. We all tease each other and have Grandma Susie jokes out the yin yang! Its so crazy, i never thought a year ago that i would be living in a house with 3 brasilians, joking around with them! But anyways, Love you guys! The Church is True!
Elder Larsen

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