Tuesday, May 28, 2013

8 Months Out!!

OI! 8 months yesterday! I´m getting old! I forgot my camera at home! I had some good pics from this last week! The work´s going good here. We´ve got a lot of people so close to baptism! We started off the week with a good district meeting about talking with everybody. We did a lot of practices and literally applied the training the rest of the week! My favorite thing to do is ask for directions to start a conversation (even though i know the entire city of Parnaíba practically) haha! We helped Fabio prepare his first talk as well (which he killed on sunday!) 2 of our baptisms have already given talks! I´m glad they´ve got testimonies that are real! Fabio gave me a late birthday gift on sunday too, a sick italian tie! We visited a lot of less actives this week as well. I visited one recent convert Brendo that missed the last 2 sundays. He´s 17 and thinking about a mission. It was cool to have some mission talk with him, he was telling us about his worries and one of them was different food! hahaha so i was like, well my friend, you didnt know me before the mission! We had 2 rough days where our lunches fell through, BUT we have a mom here that helps us out! The 2nd time lunch fell through, i called a chubby lady in our branch that was willing to share lunch with us :) We had an FHE thursday in Presidente Moura´s house. It was really good, the message was about how we choose our own happiness. We compared it with the story of Nephi. There´s a small scripture that says, "and it came to pass that we lived happily". Its ´pretty crazy to imagine how you can live happily and wandering in the desert 8 years, leaving your riches, getting beaten by a rod, and being rejected by family members, but it really is up to us to choose if we want to be happy or sorrowful. After appointments fall through, i think sometimes, ah screw it, lets just go home, but you can look at it another way as an opportunity to talk to someone else that you have taught before. We did a lot street lessons this week, that actually went well! Transfers are getting close, so we´re pushing hard in our work right now! Do you guys think you can send me a new set of portuguese scriptures? My set i have right now are pretty beat because i didnt have a case, but my bible is still good. I think i´m do for new shirts and pants as well. They pretty worn out and my shirts are all orange from the sunblock! hahah!
-Elder Larsen

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