Monday, June 3, 2013

Speaking English?!

Oi Oi!! COmo é que tá todo mundo?! Its always a holiday when Pday comes around! haha! We had a good week here in Pnubs! We played football last Pday in a little sand field close to our house. Its so funny that elder beraldi looks just like a football player but cant play worth a dang! ahaha! Later we had an FHE at Ana Vitoria´s. I gave the spiritual thought about a talk from Elder Cristofferson about Lost Sheep. Tuesday i went to an english school downtown called, Wizard. Its a franchise owned by a member of the Church. Its really, really fancy and the students are really there to learn! They asked me to introduce myself in English (dang it was weird, i actually felt more comfortable introducing myself in portuguese) and after they asked me questions! It was fun joking around with them, but i didnt just go there to kill time! We brought surveys that we made about the church in english to get references! We organized an activity at Alessia´s house this week as well with a bunch of ysa to bring investigators! We brought Rodrigo and Thais and showed the joseph smith film of 1 hour and after had everyone bear testimony! We had a lady this week that we were teaching, it was really funny, she was like," i have always wanted to visit your church and learn more about it. I WILL go this sunday! And then she asked, is it ok if i bring friends? like 4 of them?" umm...YES! hahaha! We had a really good attendance on sunday. One of the highest since ive been here. Awkward lesson moment this week as well..We were teaching a lady that had a 7 month old baby that started crying in the lesson so she goes and grabs the baby in the middle of the lesson and comes back, sits down. So as i continue in the lesson, she whips out everything right in front of us and starts nursing! First time in a lesson..i knew this day would come hahaha! But its so stinking hot here, if you use a blanket to nurse, the baby will sweat to death! Oh...parnaíba. But i got  the package on saturday! THANK YOU! Some of the dvds we already have in our house, but alls good!
Elder Larsen

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