Monday, June 24, 2013

Monkey see Monkey do!

    OPA! how´s everyone doing? I´m great! I saw my first monkey in the mission! This person´s house has wild monkeys running around everywhere! They´re about as big a your hand. I didnt have my stinkin camera though! We marked a baptism date for a young girl we´re teaching, Tatiana. She accepted the first visit! Rodrigo baptism fell through saturday. His mom called us from his phone and was like i dont want you talking to him anymore, so.... We met a less active this week, Tiago, that stopped us in the road and was like, Hey missionaries (in english). He´s about clyde´s age, and is opening an english school here. He was baptized 15 yrs ago and is wanting to come back. He speaks english almost fluent. We were able to meet up with Rodrigo later on in the week to give him  a chapter in the b.o.m. to read. we gave him 1 nephi 17 to show the opposition that nephi had to endure. The Lord has a promise that Everything will go right in the end, if we do his will. This week was kinda hectic with appointments because of the confederations cup. only women will talk to you during the games! hahah! its just a little taste of what the world cup will be. Brasil´s looking pretty dang good. I dont know if Clyde´s old brits will be able to keep up with these young gun brasil´s got! I saw the 2nd game this week when they played italy. They laid a whoopín! Everyone´s nuts for Neymar here! He´s the Lebron of Brasil! speaking of Lebron...ugh. At least i´m not there to see it. We taught a cool lesson with the friend of henrique. Her name is Deusanira, yeah... She loved learning everything about what we do in the mission. We saw one nasty motorcycle accident 30 ft in front of us on friday. Nobody was wearing a helmet either. Dang, it was ugly and bloody. Don´t want to see that scene again. Motorcycle´s are so dangerous, especially in brasil. Nobody obeys the road rules. But other than this, not a ton of news. We have a conference with president this saturday. I just want a paragraph from everyone in the family though, when you get a chance that says, why and how you joined the church! Thanks!
AmO VoCeS!
Elder Larsen

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