Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's July!!

Good week! ITS JULY! And i got a package this week! THANK YOU! We had a cool visit with Tiago, less active that we found last week that teaches english. WE met with him on monday night and when we started to talk about the church he started to cry, remembering how he used to be a part of everything. it was cool to see how you can never lose a testimony. We found a lady this week by contact, Silvana that has been one of our best in a while. Its really hard to find people who want to change their lives. Everyone is very content with what they have usually and dont feel a need to change. We had a really good lesson with Deusanira this week as well. She was loaded with questions, but by the end she understood everything well. When we challenged her to read and pray she looked at us a little weird, so we asked her what was wrong. She was like, "so if i become a member of the church, i HAVE to serve a mission?" hahaha she was relieved when we said no! Dang we haved about 10 investigators that couldve been baptized already if it wasnt for the mothers of Parnaíba who think the church is a devil worship service. They dont even give us a chance to talk with them when we finally contact them! ai ai ai... We had zone conference with president on saturday. He really enforced grabbing references with every lesson we teach, as well invite to baptize on the first visit! So, we´ll see what happens after this training! Sunday was kinda rough...we stopped at the house of about 20 investigators and everyone gave a horrible excuse. But luckily, a member brought an investigator that appears to be pretty solid! After church until midnight, good luck knocking doors during the conferations cup final.. We went to a less active´s house to watch it and give a message during the interval! Brasil´s looking pretty dang good! Transfers will be arriving on the 22nd! Maybe this time i´ll be transferred! LOVE YINS!
Elder Larsen

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