Monday, July 8, 2013

Pie Fight!

What up fam?! We had fun marking some baptismal dates this week! President told us to be bold and go for it always on the first lesson! If people are really ready to change, they´ll accept on the first visit. We´ve been learning to be better salesmen in this as well. Before, we taught really cutsie but never really challenged the investigators like we do now! Irma Luçia, our recent convert, gave us lunch for the first time this week as was a couple of sardines and rice. Held me over well the rest of the day!... We taught this little old guy this week that was hilarious! Most old people dont understand me very wel, but he was the first that was like, "i like you kid! you got a beautiful accent!" and pet me on the head after! hahaha! We organized a fun activity this week, "torta na cara!" (pie in the face) We made trivia questions from the scriptures, geography, and english words. 2 people would go to the table and answer like family feud and hit the table. Whoever was right got to smash a pie in the other´s face! I took a few to the face.. We found some good young families this week as well. Gabriel and Crislyne was the best! They have a little girl thats 1 month old thats the cutest thing you´ll ever see! Crislyne has a ton of family who are members of the church in fortaleza and gabriel took discussions from the missionaries before but stopped after they were transferred. They liked us a lot and said that i speak the best portuguese of any american theyve already met! (kind of a big deal) They wanted to go to church but couldnt because cris had a c section. We were able to bring 2 young men to church, samuel and jefferson that are really progressing well! I remembered the story of mom at cracker barrel this week with, "M´AAM, M´AAM!" and told the brasilians about it! hahah! Well thats about all, times flying and i´m getting old!
Elder Larsen

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