Monday, July 29, 2013

1st week in Satélite!!

Hey yall!! I´m coming at you live from the ghetto! What a cool, but in reality, hot week in Teresina! My area is Satélite (Sot ell itch) which is out on the outskirts of the city. Its way bigger than Parnaíba though. I´m in a house with 2 brasilians and 1 american, Elder A.Ribeiro, Elder De Souza, and Elder Mangisi. Everyone´s been out for over a year except me! Me my comp and elder mangisi are all new to the area. My comp, elder de souza is from Londrina, Parana. He´s a funny guy. He´s a loud mouth crack up! Our area is really cool. We live close to the chapel, (yes chapel, not house!) and our area is loaded with hills! I´ll take pics next week of how cool it is at the top of the hills. Teresina is hot as well..REALLY HOT. you wont be seeing any pictures of me without sweat. The ward here has an attendance of about 135, but everyone is a missionary here! The ward missionaries here gave us 11 references in one day! Plus, the missionaries here before left a lot of great investigators. We already have a baptism set saturday for a young man, Edielson. We´re teaching him, but his brother, João Pedro will baptize him. There´s a ton of families we´re teaching here too that we will be setting up their weddings! Nobody here is legally married, but now, as missionaries, we´re able to marry people for free. The meals here with members are awesome as well! They give us ice cream a lot of the time! Our ward is one of the oldest wards of  teresina as well. I think its got about 20 years. There´s a guy in my ward, Paulo (elder ferreira) who knew jared hubbard in his mission in salvador. I talked to him for quite a bit. Our quorum leader here went teaching with us almost every day this week. His name is Carlos, he´s a recent convert, but he´s got a testimony of a guy thats been a member forever! Cassio, who´s an rm, taught with us a lot this week as well. He got back from sao paulo east 3 weeks ago. the ward here has been a little dead recently everyone has said. They havent had activities in a really long time, so us 4 got right on that! We organized an activity with the ward missionaries to start doing it every friday! today on pday, we went to a ju jitso gym of a friend of a member! He taught us a lot of moves and we did some boot camp exercises with him! He killed us!! but it was a lot of fun! I now know how to break someone´s arm 37 different ways! hahaha! To know where we live, our street name is Rua Mercúrio in Bairro Satélite. Our chapel address is: Rua Marte n 3985 Bairro Cidade Satélite
I´ll put some pics up as well!
Elder Larsen

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