Monday, August 5, 2013

Members Love US!

Hello! Good to hear everyone´s doing good, including dad! Hire someone to do side jobs for him! We had a good week, we both got sick though, but it didnt stop the work! here is so different from parnaiba because EVBERYONE wants a visit from the missionaries...even active members!! We had zone conference this week as well, in the big fancy, 2 story chapel in the center! It was a really good one. We talked a lot about accompanying investigators and how many times the Lord accompanied people so that they wouldnt forget the message they learned. For example, Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith about 4 times the same day to him to tell him and remind him of the same thing! It made us think how much we need to really check up on our investigators. If you dont visit somebody 2 days straight, something could happen that could hurt their testimony. Saturday we went to the zone leaders´area, Uruguai, to do baptismal interviews. I went on a division with elder a. souza. It was a good experience teaching with him. He´s still 19 years old! He came in the mission when he was 18!  He said that i taught really well and that he learned a few things from me! Sunday we didnt have a ton of investigators at church because we killed our whole day saturday doing interviews. You HAVE to pass in investigators´houses on saturday if you went them to go to church. We saw blessings though after our fast! we marked baptisms for 2 families with a total of 7 people! One family, Francisco and maria, live really close to a member which helps a lot. We taught them a great lesson and challenged them with Brother Carlos. They were like, we´re all in! We found a fella, Tiago, who´s a cousin of a member. He was taught by the missionaries before and was close to being baptized but his mom didnt let him when he was 16. Now, he´s 22. We challenged him for the 17th to be baptized and he accepted! Things are really kicking into gear here, now! Guess what! we´re going to....Mcdonalds for lunch!! There´s 3 here in Teresina! I love the lunches of this area here! Its almost always lasagna!! Do you remember when i only ate the noodles of lasagna?! What was i thinking?! We had another cool experience this week as well! We saw a shooting star! It looked so unreal! But thats about it for this week! I´m grateful for this opportunity to serve with all of my time these 2 years. Its hard, but rewarding in every way. Have a great week everyone!
Seu querido missionário,
Elder Larsen

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